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I am looking for new marketers to join my online business of promoting websites like Future net club which is a social media platform which pays you for making friends, chatting, message, post and share. In addition to this you can also advertise tour goods and service on the Future net club and get paid. You can earn $1000 plus for building your font line matrix on future net and the more you’re frontline the more output you will gain from it. Here are some of the bonus of Future net; social media bonus, multimedia bonus, advertising sales bonus, friends, matching bonus, leader bonus and career plan prizes. Your Activity on the Future Net Platform is rewarded. FutureNet advertising revenue is divided between active Users of the Future Net Social Platform. Social Media Bonus is a reward for active Users of the Social Platform. It is calculated daily according to special script, taking into account specific parameters of activity. Your activity parameters will be especially rewarded while using the internal communication tool – FutureNet chat. On the basis of the specific Parameters there is calculated your activity and an amount of daily bonus. Do you have your own multimedia files? You may resell them to other Users on the FutureNet Platform. Load your files in the "Products “tab, specify the price you want to charge and make money every time other Users download the files. You may use external links to share your products, and FutureNetservers – to store the files. For each sale you will keep 50% of the price, 40% goes to the Marketing Plan in the form of turnover, and 10% is the FutureNet commission. You get for each advertising customer 20% direct commission. If you bring advertising customers to the FutureNet, they will be connected to you forever. For each turnover you get a direct commission of 20%.

There are premium and business matrixes. In premium matrixes three are three matrixes, the first the 1000media points, $10 member with a matching bonus of 10%, the second matrixes is the 2500 media points,$20 member with a 20% matching bonus and the last matrixes on the premium is the 5000 media points, 50$ with 30% matching bonus.

There are three matrixes on the business matrixes, the 10,000 media points, 100$ exclusive with a 50% matching bonus, plus 10% media point, career and leader bonus. Next is the 50,000, 500$ SAPPHIRE, with 50% matching bonus plus 15% media point, Ref link at FutureNet page career plan and leader bonus and lastly on the business matrixes is the 100,000 media points,1000$ royal which has 50% matching bonus plus 20% media point, Ref link at FutureNet page, career plan and leader bonus.

Friends Bonus- the Partner in each Friends Tree can have three friends at the first level above, the fourth and each next friend will be placed at higher levels of the Friends Tree and friend’s bonus pays commission up to 10 levels. For example

Level 1, 3 partners= 5% and commissions of 22.75$.

Level 2, 9 partners=5% and commissions 83.25$

Level10, 59.049 partners=5% and commissions 546.203, 25$

Matching Bonus- the Matching Bonus is calculated on the basis of income from: FRIENDS TREE BONUS. Personal Partner =up to 50% Matching Bonus to get Matching Bonus you do not need to have any qualifications. From each directly invited Partner, who gets the bonus in Friends Tree you get from 10% to 50% of his income value! The amount of Matching Bonus depends on the owned Package.

With the Leader Bonus you get % income from all your structure without any depth limits, from the first level, to infinity. The amount of % income depends on your qualification. If your Personal Partner also qualify to the specified level of the Leader Bonus, then you earn the % difference. Example: If you qualify for 4% Leader Bonus and your Partner qualifies for 2% Leader Bonus. Out of this group, you earn 2% without any limits in level depth. From the other groups you still earn 4%.Leader Bonus (infinity) If you get the 7% Leader Bonus in your group and one of your partners also achieve 7%, then you qualify for the 5% share in the WORLD POOL.

Join here and lets start earning together

Making money for making friends, chatting, advertising and building you own network

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