the latest and the best- icharity

*What makes ICHARITY special is that....*

1.The first person that uses your link to register pays you back and thereby making your investment zero investment with free 4 more slot to go.

2..You get downlines in 3 ways

*Direct referral* - People you source for using your referral link 

*Spillover*  - when the person you are under (the upliner you paid 6k ) 5 slot is full or has upgraded to level two  ,when people (New people that want to Register ) that click on his link automatically redirect them to you as you are under him ,so you benefit as a downliners 


*Randomization* - the system just send people that register on this site the first time without a referral to pay 6k to you so you can approve them though this can take a long time because they expect you to promote your own link

3.Your stress on how to get downlines end in grade 1 as the system automatically gives u people to pay you from grade 2 upward..I.e system share grade 1 ppl to you in grade two so they pay you 12k for you to approve them 

4..Icharity is a one time investment..6k to get 30k in level one ..and 12k to get 300k in level 2 etc

I.e..just with your 6k..u can get 30k in grade remove your start up money WC is 6k ,then you are left with 24k gain in which u will upgrade with 12k and 25 persons will pay u 12k each

U can't lose your money..

5. Money is paid directly into your bank account ,so only when you see alert you approve people

6 No selling of anything (just Share ,BC & promote your own referral link )

7 No buying of anything.

8.No intermediate system..

9. Multiple account allowed i.e you can keep gaining as you find referral (I will still discuss on this later ,as I do help my downliners progress too so don't dull , ).

10.The start up money is considerably reasonable..

11. Its 100% Real.

12. Your money is your money.. It means any money that needed to be paid to u can't go to another upline. (So far your referal used your link to apply and you approved them after they pay directly to your account ) ..

Don't limit yourself with the fear of losing just which you can never loose when it comes to ICHARITY.

Recession has brought us online opportunity...

Don't let it pass you by

Many are really making it in various online opportunity.


..This is the real deal






Click here to get started!

This article was published on 16.11.2016 by Ige Stephen Oluwaseyi
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