InCruises™ is a global Relationship Marketing Company on a mission to make travel, in our case cruising, more accessible, affordable and even profitable for millions worldwide.

InCruises just has one product, which is membership to a Cruise Club for just $100 per month.

For the membership fee, inCruises Members enjoy exclusive cruises plus pricing for thousands of other cruises that is on par with the lowest available published prices online.

And in addition to the savings, members earn “Cruise Bucks” they can exchange to reduce or pay for their cruises entirely. Everything is backed by a 110% price guarantee. Members earn $2 Cruise Bucks for each $1 of their membership, so inCruises Members earn $200 Cruise Bucks each month.

This is the first ever travel club exclusively focused on the cruise market. However, this membership model is not new for other markets and is 100% proven.

Tens of millions of people pay membership fees in order to save money on items they already purchase. Companies like Sam’s Club, Costco, and others provide discounted products for their paying members.

This is a product for people who already go on cruises or planning to go on a cruise for vacation. The only downside is that you will be offering a product that not everyone will have interest in using. For example, if you spoke to someone who has never been on a cruise, nor ever wants to go on a cruise, they’ll never become a customer.

But for those who go on cruises, which is estimated to be over 24,000,000 people globally in 2016, this membership makes sense and saves people money.

Restrictions For inCruises Members: There are two different types of packages for Members: Dream Cruises™ and Global Destinations. With Dream Cruises, inCruises researches and hand selects the cruises that offer the best deals and savings for members. We are told that there will be at least a half a dozen in 2016, and that number will grow dramatically in 2017 and beyond as the membership base increases. 100% of a Member’s Cruise Dollars can be applied to pay for all or part of the cost of the cruise. (Note that it is not a buying club.)

However, with Global Destinations, members can choose to boom through inCruises’ preferred partners – or ANY website or any travel agent in the world – and still be able to use their Cruise Dollars. This is game-changing. If booking a cruise outside inCruises, all a Member has to do is submit their receipt and inCruises will reimburse them in cash.

So for example, if someone is a member for 10 months, they have accumulated 2,000 Cruise Dollars and they have spent $1,000 on their membership, paying $100 per month. They can use all 2,000 Cruise Dollars on a Dream Cruise, or for Global Destinations (any other cruise in the world) they can apply 500 Cruise Dollars per cruise in year one, 750 Cruise Dollars in year two, and 1000 Cruise Dollars in year three and every year thereafter.

Even though it is a $1 to $1 return if a member booked a Global Destinations cruise, there are still three great benefits. First, inCruises Members enjoy pricing that is on par with the lowest available published prices online. Second, they get a 110% price guarantee. And third, they get access to the inCruises community to discuss and plan cruises, meet new cruise buddies, etc.

For the family, couple, or individual that goes on a cruise every year, the inCruises Membership provides them an opportunity to save up $100 a month towards their cruise. And if they end up booking one of the Dream Cruises, their $1 becomes $2 that they can apply towards their cruise or pay for it entirely.

The bottom line is that over 20 million people go on cruises every single year. They are going to spend the money anyway to book a cruise. The inCruises membership provides a great opportunity to save money and get access to exclusive cruises, in addition to the thousands of other cruises available.

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This article was published on 22.05.2016 by Roberto Martínez
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