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hello there! do you know you can make a difference in your financial life, do you know you can earn extra income added to the job you do or just sit at home while the money flows in, do you know you can change your status, do you even know you could own a house and a car and get other incentives????

yeah! you heard me, and that is assured....

Global Helpers alliance gives you all this and makes your dream come true.

be part of it today. contact me;

phone number and whatsapp: +2348134847705

facebook profile email and personal email:

instagram: @iamfoundation160

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i will coach you how to achieve success in the online business. it basically deals with referral and you get all that i mentioned above with just $5. yes! with just $5 you can change your life.

success doesn't come to those who try to play it safe in life. don't just sit there contemplating on whether this is real or not.

OK i think i should tell you so you know what you are in for

GHA (Global Helpers Alliance)  is a company involved in humanitarian services. Founded by Oluwole and Tina Shodiyan (A Nigerian couple based in the US) This business is an empowerment program geared to uplift people financially. It's headquarters is located in the United States.  



And it's Nigerian office is located at,



It is a system that requires every member to introduce just 2 persons(down lines)each,once any member introduces more than 2 down lines, such extra person(s)will spillover or spill under thereby, making the matrix stage fill faster.

The compensation income plan will allow members to earn from four different stages. Also,one stage gives rise to the next and they include:

(1)  Assistant manager stage

(2)  Deputy manager stage

(3)  Manager stage

(4)  General manager stage

IF you are desirous of helping others and making some good money for yourself in the process then you are in the right place.

You are encouraged to give this a trial and not only a trial but also all that it takes to make it work and succeed in it.


You become a partner with us by contributing US $5 (1k) once. That is the seed that would yield millions for you. After registration u will be sent your details and your personalized link.

Then you are encouraged to bring in as partners TWO people(down lines) to join your TEAM. You now encourage your down lines to INTRODUCE a minimum of two persons every week.


You bring      2 =2

Your 2 bring 2 =4                   Total down-lines for this level =6

Stage One(1)completed.

Benefits: automatic promotion to stage 2

2. DEPUTY MANAGER(2X6 matrix)

Your 6 downlines move down with you. The process continues

With everyone introducing two persons each. Here u need 126 downlines to join u in stage 2. Note: this number is a result of d effort from u and ur downlines.

Your earnings @ this level:

US $255 (51k)

Additional Incentives:

promotion Bonus US $50 (10k)

Total earnings = $305(61k)

And a lenovo touchpad.

3. MANAGER( 2X6 matrix)

At this stage, you require 126 of your downlines to join u in stage 3.

Your earnings @ this stage:

US $9,200(1.8m)

Additional Incentives:

Promotion Bonus US $300(60k)

Children Allowance US $1000(200k)

Travel Allowance US $1000(200k)

+ A samsung Flat screen TV Set and

a Car (Kia Rio)


Here you require 14 of your downlines to join you in level four.

Your earnings @ this stage:

US $23,000(4.6m)

Additional incentives:

Final Bonus US $1000(200k)

Project Allowance US $2000(400k)

Travel Allowance US $3000(600k)

Housing Grant US $15,000(3m)

+ A Hyundai Jeep

Considering the uniqueness of the payout, you can be able to reap millions in a short time With Just N1000 ($5). It all depends on u.

Here's a breakdown for better understanding.

We all need 6 people to move to stage 2. Eg. u + 6. total 7. Once the people coming in have 6 people, they move to Stage 2.

If every single person coming into stage 1 crosses into 2, the people in Stage 2 are pushed into Stage 3. So the most important part of the  matrix is stage 1 into 2.

As long as everyone coming in is crossing to Stage 2, the people in Stage 2 will be pushed into each of the levels of stage 2 & eventually into Stage 3.

What this means invariably is:

You must help as many people as possible move into Stage 2. How do u do this? Tell all your people coming in to buy multiple accounts in Stage 1 and move to 2 immediately. If they can't buy all 7, they should buy 3.

Each account costs($5)N1,000. Register yourself, your husband, your wife, your kids, your mum, your dad, your brother, your sister, own 3 or 7 accounts and you will move faster. You won't loose when you register multiple accounts. It's to your advantage.

If you own 6 accounts, it equals 6 of everything. X6 of all earnings and bonuses,  6 laptops, 6  Flat Screen Television, 6 different opportunities to help the less privileged, etc. No one looses in GHA. The beauty of this biz is as more people come under u, your 3, 6, 7 or more accounts above are credited almost simultaneously. Which means that d same down-lines will count for your multiple accounts.

Ur earnings start building up from the 8 person that joins under u.  Partners are paid in dollars. Your registration comes with an e-wallet account to enable you receive and payout in dollars.

Note: payout at each level come in bits. Not at once. As you and ur team work and grow u keep getting alerts.  if u desire u are added to GHA whatsapp grp. Where we work together, sharing strategies, encouraging and celebrating our successes.

Take a leap of faith, grab this opportunity of a life time and u will be so glad u did. If I can do it, u can too.

Work smart not hard!!!

Visit :

contact me before signing up. Here again is my contact;

phone number and whatsapp: +2348134847705

facebook profile email and personal email:

instagram: @iamfoundation160

twitter: @foundation160

skype: @foundation160

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