Diversifying your marketing strategies

With this announcement I will focus on diversifying you marketing strategies. Before you start to spend any money on any online business you have to have two things, a budget and a plan. 

You have to understand that the lower your budget is on marketing, the more time you would have to spend online doing your marketing in order to have success with your business.  And what about all those offers you see from people wanting to "help" you with "free" tools to grow and market your business online? First you need to get one thing straight. Nothing here is offered for free. 

Let me explain. 

There are a lot of monetary free offers you can find to help aid you in marketing your business, but that will cost you something...time to learn how to use them. Whether you chose to sign up for a $100 offer or a $1 14 day trial, it will still cost you time to educate yourself in how to use that opportunity for your benefit.  

With that being said, what would a cost effective marketing strategy be? 

A cost effective marketing strategy would be something that costs little to nothing to get started monetarily AND little to no time to learn and be successful with it. 

Now that you have an idea on how to handle your budget, let's now focus on your plan. 

In putting together your plan, the key thing to remember is to NEVER put all your focus into 1 business opportunity if you are serious about making money online. That would be like having a stock portfolio with stock in 1 company. What would happen if that company would go bankrupt? So would you! Would you trust your financial future in a person that has only one or 2 opportunities to offer? I wouldn't either. 

So what's next? 

MLMGateway has a huge resource of people offering different business opportunities to appeal to different interests. Find something that excites you.   Business Opportunities that you can develop personal connections with. 

For example, I connected with MLMRecruitOnDemand because I understood the pitfalls of trying to Recruit people into my previous network marketing businesses in the past. 

I connected with EasyCash4ads because of the Hybrid function is has in offering residual income while promoting other online businesses that you have as well as having affordable digital products that you can use to market your own business and/or use it as another online money making income source (If you want to learn more about EasyCash4ads, please go to my profile page). 

Ask yourself, if you were involved with these 3 different business opportunities I just shared with you, how would you choose to market them? Would you create 3 different marking campaigns for 3 different businesses or 1 marketing campaign to promote the 3 different businesses under one umbrella? 

Enter Buildabizonline. 

Buildabizonline offers a "hub" or "central point" to promote all of your business opportunities on one platform. You can also use their Affiliate program to share this service with others and make some extra money while doing so.   Here are some of the main marketing tools that Buildabizonline offers: 


- Splash/Squeeze Pages 

- Url Shortner/Tracking

- Pro AutoResponder (unlimited opt-ins)

- Banner Maker (multiple sizes) Showcase

- 20 Personal Programs Page

- 10 Personal Banner Page

....and much much more 

It is priced to fit ANY marketing budget at $1 for the first 15 days then $5.75 per month after that. If you are not happy you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

In conclusion, if you are an online marketer signed up with many different Affiliate programs and don't know where to start OR looking for a way to save yourself a lot of time by marketing all of your online businesses on one site, then Buildabizonline may be just what you are looking for.

Click here to go to Buildabizonline

Click here to learn more about Easycash4ads

Take care and have an awesome day, Robert 

This article was published on 06.09.2017 by Robert Mcknight
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Buildabizonline - Advertising + tools, Free to join

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Stewart Hindle Hi Robert.. Great article my friend... Thanks,and you have a great day too...  3 years ago
Terry Bailes Very well written and informative article. Thank you!  3 years ago

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