Rocket Recruiting Set to Launch For All Network Marketing Professionals!!!

Hi, Jason Lee here.

I'm one of the cofounders for a new platform we're going to be launching September 15 called Rocket Recruiting.

If you haven't heard of it that's ok, we've been working for the last 12 months putting it together under the radar.

We've also been collecting an all-star lineup of network marketing consultants and top earners that will be locking arms with us in promoting the system and providing immense value in the form of training from the back end!

In summary, here is what this incredible platform is going to do for you and your team:

  • Leverage social media through your organization to open the door with their warm markets by sharing the tax advantages of running a home business. In other words, there's no longer a need to "work the business" into the conversation. Your downline can simply share precut videos from their dashboard on social media that educate their warm market on why they MUST start a home business. The system can then capture those leads and automatically follow up with them... powerful.
  • Automaticallly manage and track leads from a built-in CRM dashboard.
  • Learn from top earners across the industry how they built their businesses. We have top earners from companies of all sorts providing absolutely free training to members of our platform! Are you a top earner? You could be one too!
  • Maintain accountability with a built-in action tracking system. The platform operates on encouraging members to take 5 actions per day (share a video, call a lead, etc.).  When actions are performed, the system recognizes this and checks off 1 of 5 blocks for the day!
  • Rocket Recruiting has a built-in sales funnel, including expert copywriting to help educate new prospects about the power of home business and ultimately network marketing.There's no need for your downline to "learn how to present" in order to sponsor people into the business.  Although presenting is a powerful skill we all should learn, it no longer becomes a requirement in order to sponsor new people into the business!
  • Did I mention there is a 50% affiliate commission based program tied in to the platform for members?

Feel free to visit us at the Rocket Recruiting link above, and be sure to check out this article I published on the best MLM apps you can find today over at Unleashing The Alpha Networker.

See you at the top!

~Jason Lee

This article was published on 08.09.2016 by Jason Lee
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