How you can quadruple your monthly income & fire your boss within 12 months!


The Profits4Us Group is a unique South African business initiative, a multi-faceted, entrepreneurial business concept offering members and customers a multitude of business options, income opportunities, products, services, features and benefits. 

Our International website will be up and running SOON! South Africans can join both. Earn in US Dollars as well as in Rands! Contact me to be notified when we will be launching.   

Paul von Wildenrath is the CEO of the Profits4Us Group, and is based in Pretoria.

He took 5 years to put his Community Assist Program together, and people can now subscribe to it from as little as R50 pm.

Through his knowledge of retail and network marketing, his knowledge of mathematics, the Laws of Physics and the Principles of Leveraging, Paul has built a strong business platform and infrastructure for each of us to make a lot of money from.   


Every parent wants the best for their kids, and they all know that the job market is getting tougher and more selective as more and more kids leave school, college and varsity every year, and all go out looking for work.

How would you like to secure your child's financial future BEFORE he/she leaves school, so they never have to go looking for a job?

Profits4Us can help you do that.



How many of your customers do you think would like to pay off their cars in 10-18 months instead of 4-6 years, and save on interest? Then they can come back and buy a more expensive car from you, or even two cars, sooner.

Profits4Us can help you do that.



How would you like to earn a supplementary income that takes care of your overheads in between property sales?

How many property leads do you think you could get if you could show your clients how to reduce their bond repayment period from 20-30 years down to 3-5 years?

Profits4Us can help you do that.



Unsuccessful job applicants are money walking out the door. Wouldn't you like to give them an income opportunity, and make money off them instead of letting them just walk away?

Profits4Us can help you do that.



For business owners Profits4Us offers a complete Managed Account Service with your own Account Manager (AM). You supply your AM with leads and the AM will contact them, explain what P4Us can offer them and register them under you. Ask me for more details.

Profits4Us can help you do that.



Employers Join our Program, sign up your staff members, issue our debit cards to them and get our FREE payroll service for fast, secure, low cost salary payments.

You can also use the Profits4Us Income Plan as a Staff or Customer Incentive Plan, or as a high-paying Retirement Plan for you and your staff. Retire in comfort!

Profits4Us can help you do that.



SkillSearch is a program we set up to help people who are unemployed or underpaid, including the elderly and the disabled. The idea is to enable them to generate an excellent, regular income doing what they do best without having to answer to a boss or step outside their comfort zone, and restore their dignity.

Everyone has skills or talents that others need, eg: being able to fix things, teach subjects, make things, rent out machinery, etc. So why not earn a double income by joining our team?

Profits4Us can help you do that.


P4Us has REAL products that will be of value to everyone.

We have a clear compensation plan, that is so easy to understand.

We GUARANTEE to make you a Millionaire within 12 months! Read the 3 simple steps on how to do this, by downloading our presentation.



SHARE the excellent Profits4Us Business Opportunity with friends, family and co-workers AND GET PAID!

Plus so much more...


We are ONLY seeking SERIOUS and AMBITIOUS network marketers to join our team. If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of our strong South African team, we need to be sure that you qualify as a potential team member. Can you honestly answer YES to the following questions?


1)Are you computer literate with access to a computer, laptop and/or a smartphone with sufficient data to work online, attend our online presentations and trainings?

2)Are you willing to subscribe at the recommended R200 a month as a Sales Manager (R315 on registration then R200 a month thereafter) for at least 3 months or until you have brought in 10 or more like-minded people. I'm talking here about bringing in just one person at a time and with my help and guidance? We can then work together on helping YOUR 10 to find 10 each.


Visit my P4Us website -

Read everything under Program Info on the blue bar.

Please don't register just yet, rather contact me first to request our simple step by step guide on registering and paying your first subscription.   

Watch the 20 minute P4Us video presentation -

This article was published on 10.08.2016 by Marilyn Jones
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