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Gold prices escalating? What does this mean to you

    Are you aware of what's happening with gold?  The prices of gold has increased making gold more popular.  Why is gold increasing?  It is because it is being valued more and used more by governments, corporations, large companies, prominent people, wealthy people and people over all.  The awareness of gold is increasing which contributes to it's rising prices.

     Watch out because when this starts happening then that means that the dollar value is going down.  Gold has been one commodity that has survived any economic collapse or depression.  Gold is God's money which makes it so that no one can beat.  Gold has always been in existence from the beginning of time.  Gold has been popular on one hand and not popular on the other hand.  Nothing on the earth can replace it.  During the presidency of FDR(Franklin D Roosevelt), it was made illegal for people to have gold or to store it in hiding places.  During the president of Richard Nixon, the gold backing was taken from the dollar which sent the dollar falling to lower values or worth and leading to higher prices for goods and service all over the country.  Today the prices of a houses is very high.  I have seen over the last 15 years that the prices of a house with the same square feet going for much higher today.  

     Gold has always been a commodity that has held it's value over the centuries.  Gold is a commodity that is valued so high whereas people have held it in the most sacred places.  One of the most sacred places gold has been stored was in the vault inside of banks or in peoples home.  Gold has been entrusted to people who are most trusted by other people who are most trusted by other people.  Most of the times it is with relatives.  People store up gold for reasons such as passing it down their generations or having it for reasons as a backup trade in case the dollar is not traded anymore.    Gold is used for other reasons such as jewelry making statues or items or gold plated walls.

     Gold is view as a safe commodity in any crisis in any part of the world.  At the present time,  globally gold is increasing in value because of it's a trusted commodity.  It's value is something that will never be taken away.  Gold is such a precious commodity that if has been shown in religious and regular movies as a thing of trade and was held by the richest people in the world as a treasure.  Even the temple of God in the old testament was decorated with gold.   Even today the catholic church in the eastern European country has walls that are engraved in gold.  

     So in closing closing, you can see why gold is namely a precious commodity of the world.  

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This article was published on 28.03.2016 by Yvette Wilkins
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