Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 That Will Blow You Out

The digital marketing environment is constantly changing year by year. Every year new technologies and tools has emerged in the marketing environment. As we enter a new year and technologies continue to change at a rapid pace, here are the top trends in outsource digital marketing services that are upcoming in 2020. 

Top 3 Digital Marketing trends for 2020

A highly interactive content

A highly interactive content is a must when it comes to outsourced marketing solutions. The marketing trend is shifting towards interactive content like 360-degree videos, interactive maps, shoppable content, and quizzes are some of the brilliant ways to attract your targeted audience to interact directly with your brand. Interactive content is of the best tool utilized by an outsource digital marketing agency to increase the rating of a product whose is losing out attention in the market. Almost around 90 percent of the shoppers are preferring more interactive content nowadays through outsourced marketing solutions. So it’s sure that Interactive content is going to hit the digital marketing platform in the 2020s.

Voice Search Marketing

With a high growth in technological advancement a digital marketing company can see the importance of people using smartphones with voice assistants. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are the topmost and useful in the outsource digital marketing services platform. Voice Assistants can search for things, read text loudly and even voice dictate text messages. With the help of these assistant’s people can use their voice to order for products instead of looking at visuals and buying the product. Today almost around 40 percent of the users having voice-enabled devices make orders or purchase and voice shopping accounts for around $2 billion in consumer spending that helps in outsourced marketing solutions. It is likely to reach $40 billion by 2020.

Targeted Advertising 

Most of the consumers tend to reject so many brands due to the irrelevant ads that pop up on the sites. On the other side when websites upload or send them with content relevant ads, more than 37 percent of the people buy the product. Many of the digital marketing companies have captured this trend and are looking at this kind of advertising more seriously. Artificial Intelligence has made more personalization in digital advertising possible in the last 2 years. This will enable businesses to get focused on advertising to catch their targeted audience 


Chatbots are an integral part of digital marketing. It has become a norm to initiate preliminary support to website visitors in knowing their concerns and in offering support. This has been in practice for so long and will continue to an unavoidable aspect of the digital marketing trends into the 2020s. Since chatbots use AI-based technology or algorithms, it is implemented with a real-time instant messaging feature/support which has around-the-clock uptime no matter irrespective of the timezone people are accessing websites.

According to statistics from several surveys, 85% of support services have been and will continue to be supported by chatbots which might even have an increase by 2020 with even better support criteria. The responses offered by chatbots are instant with pre-loaded inquiries and responses which are for simple ones raised by customers and in the future is bound to offer sophisticated ones as well. Plus they are highly cost-efficient especially the free ones that can be integrated into websites.

All these trends hint at the exciting potential that 2020 holds for digital marketing. To be ready for these changes you need a digital marketing company that is well-informed about the future. It’s better to choose a company that offers digital marketing services that are result-oriented and progressive. A leading outsource digital marketing agency can help you by a great deal when it comes to outsourcing marketing solutions. 

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This article was published on 14.01.2020 by Carolyn Smith
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