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Researching the Ketogenic diet for seizure control and weight loss led me to find Pruvit.  KETO//OSThey sell exogenous ketones in a drink powder form.  I replace my breakfast or augment it with the drink daily.  It's so vital for me because my son also has epilepsy and was going to have to go on medicine that the neurologist said would make him a zombie.  I have shied away from anything like this in the past, but the results are incredible.  When my son missed two days of his KETO//OS the school called, he had seizured, even though he was strictly on the diet.  Keto isn't just for epilepsy, it's about the brain and your kinetic chain in the body. 

 I LOVE the fact that I am building a business and helping others too, this lifestyle rocks.  I need you expert MLM team leaders to come aboard and help me build this business.  I want to live in a collaborative world (like Legendary for you board game fans).  I am 7 down from the top of the company and my up lines are a high school football coach and an RN and they are happy to be on the phone answering questions.  

I'm in Pruvit Metabolism forever because I have to stay in ketosis.  I get asked all the time if there is any benefit to using KETO//OS if you don't follow a low carb diet?  Yes!  There is huge benefit.  Your metabolism changes when you have ketones flying through your blood.  I named my site metabolism, ok partly because Stephanie was taken, but mostly because it's broken in most people! This company is growing exponentially and Keto-OS will be the next vitamin C, something everyone wants.  You can find me on Instagram as StephanieJSchlosser.  

Believe it or not my hubby (high school sweethearts) did the Keto diet for a year and a half first and lost 41 pounds (he wasn't using Keto//OS because we hadn't heard of it yet) before I joined him 2 months ago.  After being Vegan and getting worse, I thought he was crazy.  Oops, he was right. 

Pruvit officially started selling in October of 2015 and is currently active in the USA.  If you are Canadian you can have your Keto shipped to you using a reship company for a very nominal fee, just email me for the directions.  Email is 


Stephanie J Schlosser
This article was published on 30.05.2016 by Stephanie Schlosser
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