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What I like about Marketing online or being an affiliate is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. Yes thats right its up-to you. Some people fall into the trap of doing to much to soon and then fall short of what they expected, The truth is you wont get rich over night or quick thats a myth cooked by members that have the recourses and money (investment) to hand , the truth is investment is nesacary in any line of business even as an affiliate your expected to start from scratch with very little money. The truth is no company is going to give you money you have to earn it and with being an affiliate of a company your expected to front any costs. for example and I used to do this I would mail through letter boxes my flyer with my opportunity /product on it then some one would ring the number and I would turn up for the interview and try to sell my product in this case a quite well known vacuum cleaner, thats one way of doing it. All the costs involved petrol, flyers, phone credit. People seem to be getting used to that fact, Thats was on me but the point was the more I spent the more I made and its like that in marketing you have to give to receive effectively. I'm telling you this cause I dont want you to be disappointed when you dont make any money for your first month that was expected. and in truth rare these days cause most companies look after their affiliates to the point where they supply them leads, I know your wondering then why dont they do it their selves and make even more money. Well the truth is a company will make more money by affiliating its products its how companies like coca cola started out Now their so popular they dont need to even advertise any more or send out flyers. Companies like Live Good are very good because their products are first class and are selling and growing every year and thats the other point it takes time to grow so aim to make 10,000 in your first year not bad and 20,000k in your second and so on cause as Live good grow so will you. their a caring and a sharing company that only want good for their members so they live up-to their title very well as you will find when if you decide to join them, They have a big following that is growing every day. I personally find them exciting and supportive.

This article was published on 07.09.2023 by Dennis Bonnie
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