SUPERLIFE REVOLUTION: Not too late to join

Hello fellow networkers,

                                                  SUPERLIFE WHERE EVERYTHING IS SUPER

Most times great opportunities pass us by without our slight notice. As i write, Superlife is going viral because of its generous compensation plan not found in many mlm networks. Do you live in USA, Malaysia, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the UK, Bangladesh, Cameroun, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia or Botswana? Then count yourself lucky to have the Superlife revolution going on in your country. Superlife is found in over 40 countries and still counting. This does not mean Superlife membership is restrictive. You can become a member from any part of the world. If you are reading this and are a dedicated multilevel marketer from a country which Superlife is yet to make itself official, do not pass this opportunity. You have already discovered a goldmine that could feed you gold and your future generation. You could hit the highest level in less than 12 months.

                                                                 A MISSED OPPORTUNITY?

Let me tell you a brief story: In 2017, when Superlife started operations, a networker talked to me about it. I didn't give him enough attention. The Superlife compensation plan which he gave to me was never even opened by me. Early this November, the food and drug regulatory body in my country finally approved Superlife's products: STC30, SCC15 and . Unknown to me, this networker, after registration in 2017 never cared to check his back office in the Superlife website. When he did this November, he could not believe his eyes: Over 40million in local currency equivalent stared at him in the face! This was about USD. Can i say the Superlife golden opportunity passed me by? I am rather starting late knowing fully well that many people all over the world would still need the Superlife plant stem cells products. I repeat do not pass this opportunity if you are privileged to read this announcement. The financial opportunity you are looking for is here. Grab it now.

                                                                  SUPERLIFE STC30

Amongst the Superlife plant stem cells products, STC30 is the best seller. It is called the 'miracle cure' by many who have used it to prevent and eliminate chronic disease conditions. It claims to prevent and eliminate over 130 disease conditions. This claim is seriously not befriended by conventional medicine. But stem cells therapy is already being invested in by some government in Europe and the North America. The west has another name for stem cells therapy: Regenerative Medicine.

So what STC30 does is to Rejuvenate your aged cells, Replicate your good cells, Restore your sick cells, Replace your dead cells, Repair your damaged cells and Detoxify your blood and tissues. STC30 works from the cellular level!The whole of our body functions at the cellular level.

There are several benefits of taking STC30 which i want you to find out yourselves but regular taking of STC30 keeps you away from Doctor's office from a very long time. With STC30, traumatic surgeries can be averted; with STC30, Insulin therapy can be stopped when your islet of langerhan cells have been regenerated to start producing Insulin; with STC30, your neurons can be regenerated as seen in spinal cord injury or stroke; with STC30, you can be a renewed cardiac environment from toxicity; with STC30, a cancer patient can live a quality life without complication because STC30 removes body cells that does not contribute to the body's wellness and integrity; with STC30, immuno-suppressive patients regains their competence immunity to fight opportunistic infections; With STC30, you can challenge your infertility or impotence without the need to do in-vitro fertilization method or suffer from side effects of taking sexual performance drugs; with STC30, chronic wounds that would not heal goes away without scientific jargon and allergic reaction such as Eczema etc say farewell.

These claims are not advertisement schemes but first hand experiences of those who have taken STC30 therapy which is usually administered sublingually (under the tongue). STC30 comes in a pack of 15 sachets: one sachet per day. STC30 is produced by Mibelle Labs in Zurich and marketed by Superlife, a Malaysian company via an all inclusive direct sales financial incentive

                                                    COMPENSATION PLAN

I saw that someone has published the Superlife compensation plan here in 2017 and 2018 and it is well detailed. The essence of making this announcement is to bring to you the generous Superlife financial opportunity anywhere you are in the world. However in Superlife, the following are the incentives for members:

1.Direct sponsor bonus: percentage varies for each package

2. Roll up bonus

3.Key in bonus

4. Binary pairing bonus: up to 20th level for Super members

5.Repurchasing bonus

6. Gift incentives

7. Unilevel bonus

8.Global pool bonus: up to $1million USD to be shared by qualified members in each of the pool cadres.

To know more about this compensation plan, join my team by using the following whatsapp link( when you join, mentioned to the group that Mikhail Ikpoma invited you):

                                                             HOW TO REGISTER

There are four packages you can register for in Superlife:

1. Starter: $55

2. Star: $100

3. Supreme:$400

4. Super:$1000

Starter package gives you one pack of STC30 and 50 performance points. Star package gives you 2 packs of STC30 and 100 performance points. Supreme package gives you 8 packs of STC30 and 400 performance points and Super package gives you 20 packs of STC30 and 1000 performance points.

It is only a Super that can carry out registration in the Superlife business. This means that if you register for the first three packages, you will need to scout for a Super who will give you a form to fill, company bank account to pay into and finally to process your package registration.

Since Superlife matrix is a forced binary, you only need to get two persons as direct downlines. You get paid for matching bonus, direct sponsor bonus, unilevel bonus etc and Supers also have bonuses for carrying out package registration. Car and travel bonuses are also reserved for Supers. There are several other incentives for supers but briefly we can say that all members benefit generously in their own levels compared to most MLM networks and getting up the highest rung is exceptional quick.

Like any other MLM network, the team you join matters alot.Some team are inactive and others active. I am looking for just 8 Supers who are seriously ready to bring in their 2 Supers each. It means i have to be your direct sponsor. If you accept me as your direct sponsor, you should use MATRIXSUPER as the sponsoring/Sponsor ID in the Superlife  registration form. If you are serious and financially capable to register for the Super package, join me on this whatsapp link(strictly meant for Supers):

                                                  POTENTIAL EARNING

As a Super, your maximum daily and monthly potential earning is infinite. As a Supreme, you can earn up to 642USD daily and 19,200USD monthly. Star members can earn up to 140USD daily and 4200USD monthly and Starters, 47USD daily and 1410USD. For those in the developing world, these yearly amounts to millions in their local currencies.

The highest earner is the one who, through the use of STC30, is able to eliminate his or her chronic disease condition that has once impaired his quality of Life.

                                                   AN APPEAL TO YOU

I will like to appeal to all those who would read my announcement. Should you decide to register for any of the Superlife packages, no matter where you live in the world, you would be doing me justice and favour for the time and resources i have used to get this business opportunity to you by using MATRIXSUPER as your sponsoring/Sponsor ID in the Superlife registration form that would be provided for you in the Superlife Office or by a Super from any part of the world, who would do your registration for you. You can reach me via plus two three four eight zero nine seven six seven two seven six eight. Welcome to Superlife where everything is super.

This article was published on 26.11.2019 by Mikhail Ikpoma
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SUPERLIFE - Stem cells products, 55 USD to join

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