Earn $25 Per Hour Watching Better Than YouTube Video

Pays up to a $5 over-ride management income any IV you personally refer who earns $25 for viewing content to a maximum of $50 per week per IV you personally referred. There are no limits to the amount

THW Global is focus on a Global Outreach of IVs from all countries and all languages. Advertising is a $650 Billion Dollar Global Industry. We at THW Global believe we can acquire 1% of this industry within 3 years which would be $6.5 billion dollars of which more than $3 billion will be paid out to our IVs aka International Viewers. The THW Global pay plan is very easy to understand. It is built on just three dollar amounts $25, $5 & $1...

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Pays up to $25 per hour with a maximum of Ten Hours Weekly or a maximum of $250 Weekly.

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Advertising is a $650 Billion dollar industry and THW Global is creating an advertising power house to tap into this billion dollar industry. 

They aim to establish several hundred thousand members (International Viewers ) and they are in the business of linking these IV's to the Companies/clients seeking various forms of advertising. 

We the IV's don't buy any sort of advertising packs or any rubbish like that but rather we are paid for our services from monies generated from advertisers seeking such services. 

They charge companies $1.50 per hour for someone (us) viewing the companies advertising and they pay us a portion of this money.


They charge companies $1.50 per hour for someone (us) viewing the companies advertising and they pay us a portion of this m0ney.

The company therefore generates $90 an hour from selling various forms of advertising to companies / client and based on the compensation plan, they pay us out about $40 of this $90.

The business model if it works and is for real) is sound and I cannot see any issues as we are not buying anything but rather doing a job and paid a fee accordingly.


We earn in 3 ways: 

1) We are paid up to $25 an hour for up to 10 hours a week to view and comment on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and more. 

2) For every person you share this with who do their 10 hours worth of viewing per week, they make their $25 an hour and you make $5 an hour as their referrer.

3) You receive $1 per hour for everyone in your entire organization (your referrals and their referrals and their referrals) down 10 generations.

This means that your earning potential here is limitless...Again HUGE!!

So the company makes $90 an hour offering their services to clients and they pay us $40 an hour for viewing and performing whatever tasks they were paid by the client to perform.

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This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Smriti Songkar Chakma
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