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Hello everybody,

we all are here to help our families and ourselves to live a far better lives then everyday job offers. So in this crazy age of internet we are positioned between our end destination page/portal etc. and bunch of advertising. We are not asking for those ads, but they show up everywhere eventually. Why?

Our world nowadays is being driven by sales. From groceries in local corner shop to books, electronics, vacations, flights on the internet. And the best way to generate leads to visit the page is by advertising. Text ads, video ads, various banners, blogs, audio ads, mobile ads, advertising on sports uniforms. You name it! 

So the big question is how to reap benefits from advertising if you realy do not have anything to advertise!? (I bet that most of people here have some kind of project or FB page or own homepage to advertise). You should join advertising revenue sharing system. Thats it!

What I did recently - I joined company called AdpackPro from OneVision Holding based in Switzerland. You know those Swiss banks and Rolex watches. Yes, this should help you evaluate the company and the owners of the company. I am not saying that you should not check for yourself the due dilligance here. But the name of country so small but with such big reputation out there it speaks for itself. 

So what you must do in order to gain from advertising here on AdpackPro? They offer you to buy adpacks for 25 EUR and after period of time you receive all of it back and gain 5 EUR extra. So more adpacks you have the more returns you have. And you can use your adpacks for your own advertising  (10000 views and 100 clicks) or you can just simply give them to the company so they use it as their own. Nevertheles you gain! 

And the best part is thet you can share this message with your friends and relatives and gain when they are buying adpacks (11%) and when also their friends are buying adpacks (7%). So 2 level deep program from which you can gain. If you choose to do it on your own - no problem as reffering others is a choice here.

Take a look yourselves or write to me if you have any questions regarding this advertising revenue sharing.

With best wishes,

Janis Dambis

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Janis Dambis
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