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Senior Associates Earn $500 per Hour Helping Clients Eliminate Debt


MLMers have to be careful of earning claims. I have calculated the breakdown. This is realistic for one client. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve. This is not complicated. After 45 days, you should have AT LEAST ONE CLIENT PER WEEK if you follow the training. 


I am seeking driven and self motivated individuals. At the time of this article, I am in training and will get my promotion this month. The process begins with joining our MLM as an associate, and the rapid career trajectory is nothing short of extraordinary. Within the first 45 days, diligent and motivated individuals ascend to the senior associate level, gaining the knowledge and skills required to assist clients in eliminating their debts effectively.


Achieving the senior associate level involves a structured pathway that includes bringing on board three recruits and two training sales at the time of this article. The first two training sales are split commission. This unique fast track fosters a collaborative environment where there is a certified field trainer agent who will mentor and guide newcomers ensuring a supportive and cohesive team dynamic. The emphasis on teamwork and mentorship not only accelerates individual growth but also contributes to the overall success of the team. You can build your team wide and deep which means unlimited income!


The unique compensation structure, offering $500 per hour with just two hours of work per week for each client, positions senior associates as some of the highest earners in the industry. This, coupled with the swift career progression and a supportive team environment, creates a lucrative and rewarding career path for those looking to thrive in the fintech sector. Aim for Executive Director! There are 6 ways to generate income!


The average time with a consumer is a brief phone call, send email/text, follow up with another call to set up an appointment for their interest savings analysis on video. The video appointment takes approximately 40 minutes maybe more maybe less depending on the amount of debt to be entered into the program. They can purchase the program on the video call or setup another appointment to purchase which should be 30 minutes more or less. Overall, the time spent may be 2 hours. This is average time on the phone and video. There are 3 types of cash flow management programs to purchase and this is lifetime purchase for the client depending on their situation.


Being an agent with our fintech disruptor MLM in the USA presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals seeking a career that combines financial success with meaningful impact. The innovative approach to debt relief, coupled with a robust support system and lucrative compensation, makes this career path an attractive choice for those looking to make a difference in the lives of others while achieving personal and financial success.


Do you want to make an impact? 8 out of 10 consumers need your help!

Here is my company site for the consumers in debt:

Here is my agent site for the you to start helping people:

Get started with me today and I will tell you about the free training, back office and all the articles, materials and CRM! Can you imagine emailing your prospect an article from the back office!

Talk to you soon!

This article was published on 18.12.2023 by Barbara Thompson
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