Business 101: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH with Minimum Risk

Ask anyone with a background or education in business what the basis for success in any business and you will get a list of ideas that are all centered around the idea of BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. This is especially obvious for retailers, but all business is based on making a profit which is the positive net difference between expenses and income generation. If it costs a business more money than it generates in income, it is losing money and will not survive unless it can reduce it expenditures while increasing incoming revenue streams. Bottom line, this is Business 101.

The second most important factor in business is risk. There is always risk in business; the key to success is to reduce the level of risk exposure for every venture. Any good financial advisor will quickly tell his clients to diversify their portfolio to maintain a steady account balance between high risk investments with potentially high yields and low risk investments with proven track records which usually have lower yields. Exposing yourself to only high risk programs can be profitable if you are very lucky, but more often than not the final outcome can be very expensive with a major loss.

I know – enough classroom education! The real world of business is calling for us to make informed choices to secure an income NOW!

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE SOME MONEY? You now have the opportunity to earn some real cash. My Cash Back Traffic will pay you 200% cash back on each Traffic Unit you purchase. This is NOT a Rev Share or matrix program. It is a real business with a real product and owners that have a proven track record in the online advertising business – they know what they are doing and you can reap the benefits of their experience without all the risk of doing this by yourself.

Basically, the owners pool the moneys from the traffic units sold for the month to purchase bulk advertising that they can resell in smaller units with very good profitability. This is how they are able to give back 200%, month after month. This program is NOT dependent on internal sales like a Rev Share. Instead, there is a direct correlation between what you spend and what you make. With as little as $30 your first 2 months, you can grow to a point you can make $5,000 a month for only a few minutes of work a month – NO SURFING, CLICKING OR SPONSORING REQUIRED!

This is one of the freshest concepts on the market today. Sign up today to start growing a steady income for yourself.

This article was published on 28.03.2016 by Jan Terry
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Jan Terry I just checked out C7 and read that "For example, if you invest $10,000 . . you will receive ~$15,400 from which $5,400 is your net profit." That is not triple return only 54%.  1 year ago
Jan Terry Diversification is the key to success long term. Why not try both?  1 year ago
Tola Adeola I totally agree, Capital7 pays 7% daily and I think it's an awesome opportunity compared to anything out there. For more information check  1 year ago
Marian Nobell Jan, this is an amazing opportunity and I would have love to join you on this, it's just that C7 is paying 7% daily which triples my investment in 30 days. Well done.  1 year ago

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