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FREE Satoshi's - Rewards Promotional Program

New and Unique Loyalty Reward Promotional Program to reward all its Business Members who are Active & Be Totally Connected.


Read the following and then watch ALL 4 Videos under this page and understand the SUCCESS SYSTEM.

The system is now ready. As a way to say thank you for being a part of our BEYOND A BILLION vision.

Your Satoshi will be credited to your Success System starting when you will GET a Member of ASCIRA PLUS 9 other ways to GET paid. 

Satoshi Rewards with your ASCIRA business membership.

Earn FREE Satoshi while you sleep.

Amazing Passive Income opportunity.

As an active Business Member of ASCIRA, we give you free Satoshi through our Bitcoin Success System

every 10 minutes. No frills, no hidden agenda just a way to got you started with the incredible worldwide

phenomena known as bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

Just one of the many benefits of your membership!

What is a Satoshi?
The satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. The satoshi to bitcoin ratio is 100 million Satoshi's to one bitcoin. 

What is the Success System?
The Success System is a loyalty program designed to advance community participation and reward our most engaged community member to learn and earn. When you or your downline purchase a subscription plan, we give you free Satoshi through this system and will continue to give you free Satoshi every 10 minutes for the duration of that active plan. 
Now that is what we call - Passive income! 

How to earn?

One Time Bonus

Associate Plan (249$) = 250 Satoshi
Premium Plan (499$) = 1.000 Satoshi
Superior Plan (1.299$) = 2.000 Satoshi
Ultimate Plan (2.499$) = 5.000 Satoshi

1. Personal Rewards:

Every Business Member will be personally rewarded with Satoshi for every Subscription Plan they purchase, earning both a one time bonus and a recruiting bonus.

Every Business Member that is ACTIVE & BE TOTALLY CONNECTED will be personally rewarded with six (6) Satoshi, every ten (10) minutes. 

Definition of Active & Be Totally Connected:
1. Personal Rewards: Any Business Member will be considered as ACTIVE & BE TOTALLY CONNECTED  during the period of their Subscription Plan - Two Months, Four Months, six Months, twelve Months. 

Once their plan expires the Loyalty Reward will stop unless they purchase an additional plan. 

2. Enrollment Rewards:
Every Business Member will be rewarded with Satoshi for the purchase of every Subscription Plan by personally enrolled Business Members on their Team, with Three (3) Satoshi, every ten (10) minutes.

3. Team Rewards:
Every Business Member will be rewarded with Satoshi for the sale of every Subscription Plan within the Personal Team - From Level 2 to 15 with One (1) Satoshi every One Hundred Eighty  (180) Minutes.

In the event that any Business Members is not Active & Be Totally Connected in a specific week/month, Satoshi will not be credited for that week/month. 

What do you need to do?
It is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Become a Business Member in ASCIRA Link for registration: , on the RIGHT site on the TOP, choose your package, pay and from this moment you will receive 6 satoshi's every 10 minutes or BETTER contact me in Telegram: @NatalieSofie and i will help you to sign in and support you.

2. Stay Active & Be Totally Connected

3. Earn Free Satoshi

Want to EARN MORE Satoshi?
When you share the ASCIRA opportunity with others you will earn more Satoshi up to 15 levels in depth.

This article was published on 14.01.2022 by Natalie Pfahler
Author's business opportunity:

ASCIRA - FREE Satoshi's , 249 USD to join

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