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I would be the last person to blame you if you said you NEVER wanted to do those sponsor-y things like three way calls and hosting parties. If you said you never wanted to gather people in your home, or even a separate location, to host a quaint little product party or pester your friends and family constantly, again, I wouldn’t blame you.

I actually blocked my sponsor when I signed up with an MLM in 2014.

I wanted to approach my MLM with a mostly hands off approach. I’d done some affiliate marketing, so I wanted to try going that route with it by just sharing links and earning commissions.

Imagine my excitement when I realized I could completely automate my MLM.

I didn’t want to attend events or hold the hands of each and every new distributor. I wanted to earn all the residual income that is known to come with MLM, but I wanted an alternative method of doing so.

I Make Six Figures Using This Great Autopilot MLM System

Since getting started in 2014, I’ve been a part of two different MLM companies. Each are a little different now from when I first joined, but essentially, they each have had the same concept all along.

Basically, you have to be part of a company with landing pages that set the bar high and that are connected to amazing autoresponders.

What is a ‘landing page’ you say?

A landing page is an information survey that gathers the interest information for people who looked into the business. The names and emails are the primary information that is necessary to get a lead.

Once someone has completed the form, they are taken on a ‘free tour’ or an inside look of the company dashboard so that they have the opportunity to see what it’s all about.

In turn, I get their contact information to get started on autoresponse.

This person has become a ‘lead’ and they will begin to receive daily emails that work to recruit the person. These emails will describe why they should join our company.

This email system is given to all the distributors in the company and can be quite powerful in generating sign ups.

There is actually only a handful of MLM companies that have this system.

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How Many Exposures Does It Take?

Typically, it will take about 7-15 exposures to the company before someone will finally join.

Imagine having to do this the traditional way with phone calls and emails. It’s ok to shudder or cringe; I know I did!

The email sequence does all the work – I seriously never do a thing to get someone to join. That’s the magic of it all.

I literally only work one hour a day using this method – so you can, too!

It’s simple, really. All you have to do is generate leads. These leads automatically get put into the sales-funnel with the email sequences. At some point, someone is going to funnel through and join the company and the cycle repeats itself with each and every new distributor.

So, the more leads you get going, the better, in all reality.

How to Make Six-Figures with Massive Lead Generation

Soon after I got stated, I figured out a way to automate direct messages to new followers on Twitter.

Today, everyone is familiar with automated messages, but in 2014, this was new and I was able to generate thousands of leads using this app to send the messages in the masses. These messages contained the links to my landing page.

While you still can use social media as a method to generate leads, paid advertisement is simply going to have a higher payoff in the long run. This method is actually also much faster.

Any time I get a new rep, I teach them my exact method to generate leads. Using this technique, my team generates roughly 20,000 leads per month. Per month.

I know that time is precious and time is money, so I’ve helped quite a few business professionals succeed in MLM automation.

At the end of the day, we are all truly sick and tired of working that 9-12 hour day on top of traffic hastle and somehow maintaining your home.

We all want to build a second income. Something we can fall back onto, or simply something new and different that will make you money. It wouldn’t hurt if this second income leads to us being able to work from home.

My team includes high profile professionals who have more money than some team members put together, but they don’t have the time to enjoy using that money.

These people are time broke – they get home only to put their kids in bed and stress about paying off their $100K college loans that are lurking years after the fact.

There is no better feeling that having that residual income hit the bank each and every month, no matter the amount of time you actually put into it. I speak from experience. MLM automation is the answer to a lot of life’s questions.

How Much Can You Make?

The sky is the limit in MLM network marketing. You can theoretically earn as much as you want.

Some of the top dogs in the business make around $150 a month.

Within a two to five year span, you too can be making bank. You can make roughly $20K to $100K a year within that time. This will all depend on how you build your business.

To get to the top dog status, you need thousands of people ordering product month after month, and that will take time.

You also don’t have to worry about recruiting all of those people at once. Your team helps with that because you will train them to recruit others and so on and so forth.

You only need a handful of people on your team to start making good money. You have to find those 2-5 rockstars, though, to make big bank.

You also can never stop recruiting. Each recruit is essentially worth money, so you want as many people in the pool of your network to make money from. You’ll have to understand that roughly 80% of your group won’t last beyond a year.

If you are okay with this, you’re already golden.

Then you just have to sort through a lot of people to discover those diamonds in the rough.

You have to shuck a few oysters to find that pearl.

You get the picture.

Treat Your Business Like the Million Dollar Business it Can One Day Be

Almost anyone you ask will tell you that it takes money to make money, so there is initial investing that is necessary in getting your feet off of the ground.

To grow your team without the bugging of your loved ones, you’ve got to pay for advertising that will get you the best numbers of leads.

Personally, I have a great copy and paste system that I’ve provided to my team to generate leads.

You simply have to have the courage and confidence to consistently invest in your company.

The top dogs on my team only spend roughly $200-400 a week to advertise. That comes out to roughly $10 to $20K each year in ads. Comparably, nothing major if you continue to thrive in the business.

Advertising can also be a tax write off. I’ve actually reduced my taxes by nearly 60% last year by investing in my business.

So the decision is all yours. You must decide whether you would rather pay the Man or invest in your business to grow your income.


Erik Christian Johnson

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This article was published on 02.10.2018 by Erik C Johnson
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