Pruvit Ketones Are All The Rage!

Ever heard of ketosis or ketones?  Ever wonder what it is?  Do you know your body naturally goes into ketosis and you didn't know it?

Ketosis is a natural state in which your body will burn fat as a fuel source.  Burning fat provides you with sustaining energy throughout the day.  However getting into ketosis is very difficult as you have to burn through all your glucose (sugar) first.  Unless you are a die hard athlete and take your nutrition, intermittent fasting AND workouts to a serious level, you will have a hard time getting into ketosis on a regular basis.  HOWEVER by taking exogenous Pruvit ketones you can place your body in ketosis within an hour of drinking them.  After drinking your daily dose of ketones your body is boosted into a metobolic state called  "ketosis".  

Ketosis causes your body to use FATS as its major source of fuel instead of sugar.  FATS are forced to burn.  This state also causes natural appetite suppression, you gain more energy, you have better focus, improves sleep patterns and more.  The benefits to the Pruvit KETO/OS (operating system) is it reduces brain fog, increases your awareness and focus, strength is gained, you'll find you're in a better mood and your digestion and gut health is better, your skin will begin to clear, inflammation will decrease and it assists in abdominal fat loss.  

AND the best part about it is you DO NOT have to change your diet.  You can eat those burgers and pizza and still gain the energy from the ketones and i'm sure you'll find your clothes will fit differently too!  The appetite suppression in the ketones will help that.  We've all wanted to eat what we want and lose those inches around our bellies.  Now here's a way to do just that!

Pruvit ketones come in a variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, key lime, maui punch and more! 

Review this video to gain a little bit of knowledge regarding ketosis:

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This article was published on 14.12.2018 by Nance Nadeau
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