The Opportunity is Healthy Habits global -HHG.

Now you may ask; "But what is Healthy Habits Global-HGG?

Well, Healthy Habits Global-HHG is an explosive health and wellness industry

that seeks to improve your health and finances. Simply, with HHG, you secure your health whiles you make an extra RESIDUAL income in return.

HHG's aim is to create an opportunity where people from all walks of life can participate and create an

immediate income as well as a long term monthly residual income and also secure their health. HHG is committed to offering a compensation plan that will enhance an individual's ability to earn a reasonable part time income as well as the ability to achieve financial independence with a full time effort. The Company was founded in the year 2013 and located in the Anaheim California of the United States. Healthy Habits Global is currently launched in 6 Countries now but if your country is not included you can still join. It's even a much more great opportunity for you if your country is not in the list. Become a partner quickly and move the business to your country and the Company will help you establish it in your Country. They will even come and launch it officially there for you and you will become the super man there.. They need more hands to extend it to all over the world. As it is very new but because they have a BIGGER vision so they could launch in 6 different countries in just a year which doesn't easily happen in this Multi-Level-Marketing Industry. OPEN CONTRIES: United States,

Canada, Panama, Jamaica, Ghana

and Mexico


Nigeria is the next West African Country of Official Launch but that doesn't stop you from starting before they. Some Nigerians have already started this business officially there and I'm sure by the time the founders come down there for the launching then it's all over Nigeria...Same way it did in Ghana

here.DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! This is a super MLM as compared to all other MLM's.

HHG is moving very fast and will soon overtake the Old MLM industries in less than 3  because the Compensation plan is mind boggling and Top earners in the old MLM's are moving into HHG. Their product tool is the hottest Niche in the market which is the most consumable beverage next to water. HHG's products currently in the market are COFFEE Product but medicinal and not just the normal coffee drink with caffeine. The products are healthy beverage in conjunction with Unique and Powerful Herbal Ingredients such as; Tongkat ,Ali, Ganoderma Lucidum and Ginseng (TAGG).

You can just imagine, when you are drinking any of the HHG's coffee drinks for your breakfast or lunch,

then it's a medicine you are taking into improve your health. There are lots of testimonies when it's comes to HHG's healthy coffee drinks.Aside you improving and securing your health with HHG's nutritious coffee drinks, HHG also pays you for drinking or referring someone also to drink. How awesome? Only HHG is the MLM Industry that pays in whopping 10 ways income that will blow your mind. Most Lucrative Comp Plan in the Industry!

1. Refer Customers and earn 25%

2. Build a Team and Earn Up to 10%

Uni-Level Pay Monthly On 7 Levels


3. Fast Start Bonuses Both On

Partners Registering And Customer


(On 1st Level 25%

On 2nd Level 10%

On 3rd Level 10%

On 4th Level 5%)

4. 2% Diamond Infinity Pay

5. 3% Global Bonus Pool

6. Rewards

7. Luxury Car Bonus

8. Prosperity Bonuses

9. Micro Cafe Program

10. Trade show Program

Just call:+233 249111902 for registration procedures or visit: www.healthyhabitsglobal.com

And register with SPONSOR NAME: hayfordbaffour

Visit: www.hhguniversity.com for training manuals, videos and audios

Thank you

This article was published on 04.11.2015 by Akwasi Agyemang
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