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What exactly does taprooting mean? In a plant with a taproot system, the taproot is the largest, most central, and most dominant root from which other roots sprout laterally. Typically a taproot is somewhat straight and very thick, is tapering in shape, and grows directly downward. This is the “main” root that keeps the plant alive. As the taproot goes deep and becomes thick, it takes root and stabilizes the plant. This same process works like magic in any multi-level marketing opportunity or any opportunity that pays multiple levels deep.

In multi-level or network marketing and building a team in general that requires depth, taprooting is a process of building your team as deep as possible and as quickly as possible, and it doesn't matter what type of compensation plan you're in. This works magically in a binary, a uni-level or in a matrix of any width.

Tip: When you understand and apply the power of 1, which is 1 getting 1 who gets 1 and so on, you can build extremely fast because this process only requires each person to personally sponsor 1 person. With this strategy, you're building in a straight line and with the right attention and the required level of urgency, you can build a team to thousands of people deep in a matter of weeks, especially if you have a free to a very low cost sign up fee.

FutureNet for example is free to join, it's a global opportunity, and to monetize in the first of six matrices, it's just a one-time investment of $10.00 to get started. It is that type of formula that will allow you to build very deep and very fast. FutureNet is the perfect type of opportunity to apply the taprooting strategy.

The idea is to get 1 personally sponsored member and immediately help that member get 1. Then the 2 of you will work to help your 1 get 1, who will get 1 and so on until you have a depth of 20-25 people in a straight line. Hopefully, by that time, your first personal should have enough knowledge on the process to keep the momentum going, so you can break away and start your 2nd leg. Start your 2nd leg by personally sponsoring your 2nd person and follow the same process until your 2nd leg has 20-25 members.

Tip: It doesn’t matter who the 1 is. If it’s a spouse or a significant other, that’s a free 1. Anyone in your immediate family should be considered, just know that whoever you select as your 1… that your 1 is willing to go out and get 1 as fast as possible. As fast as possible means in their first 1-4 hours. If you have a spouse, a significant other or children of any age, you will miss out on a lot of money by not enrolling them.

Once you have 20-25 people in depth in your first leg, pass the baton and repeat that process again with your 2nd leg. Work with urgency and get that 2nd leg down to 20-25 new members and move along again to start your 3rd leg.

Momentum or the “mighty mo” as I like to call it is paramount. Building each leg to a depth of 20-25 people is a 2-5 day process, not a 7-30 day process. If your opportunity costs a few hundred dollars to get started and $100.00+ each month for an autoship, you will not build that fast, but for opportunities that cost $10.00, $25.00 or even $50.00, whether monthly or one-time, you'll do very well using this system. If your opportunity is $10.00 to $25.00 and requires a one-time payment to get started with no other monthly cost(s), your results can be astronomical. If your opportunity is global, that's another big plus in your favor.

The key to making this work will be on you, your energy, your excitement and your commitment to make this work. If you half ass this, you can't seriously expect anything more than half ass results. Work fast and with urgency and support where you can to build each leg to a depth to thousands of people. You can sponsor 1 person and create a team of thousands using this strategy.

How it looks? Personally sponsor 1 person and help that 1 person sponsor 1 person. Then collectively, help the last person on the leg sponsor 1 and so on. Keep driving and pushing until you have a depth you're comfortable with. If you get to 20-25 people and feel you can’t break away just yet, stick around and keep driving depth until a leader steps up to take over. If you leave that leg without any leadership, it could die / stall on you. You should be able to drive a leg to 40-50+ people in 7-10 days using this strategy. Not only does this help you, it helps everyone because everyone on that leg benefits. It's a win-win for all.

Tip: If you have experience, the skills, the determination, the time and the commitment, you can bring in 2-3 initially and follow this strategy. Since most are not experienced, it's best for them to build 1 leg at a time. Regardless of how many you start with, the key is to drive depth and get each leg to about 40-50 people in 7-10 days or less. With the right people, your leg(s) can double in a matter of hours. If you brought in 1 inside your first hour and the next person did the same, and so on, you can see how quickly a team can grow in such a short amount of time.

It doesn't matter where you are in your current opportunity. If you've been with your opportunity for several months or just a few days, you can use this strategy anytime you're ready. Start right now… today! You can do this!!!

Tip: How taprooting is sooo amazing in FutureNet specifically. Not only does taprooting create urgency and fast duplicating, but this process is going to recognize your leaders. Since the $10.00 matrix pays the least, that's the best place to leave those who are not serious or don't have the vision to see just how powerful FutureNet is. As the leaders are found, even if they are found 20 levels deep, they are going to upgrade into the $25.00 and higher matrices right away and take much higher positions in YOUR $25.00 and higher matrices. This is a huge advantage to you, your team and your income potential.

Here is a good video that explains how to tap root.

Below is a video from an ACN leader explains taprooting. I'm sharing it so that you can visually see the process and learn what you need to know to implement this system properly. Tap rooting works in any business model.


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This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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