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Sleep like a rock and melt fat? Seriously? Yes!

If you work with CBD you undoubtedly know that many use it to enhance their sleep time.  What if you could get better sleep and lose the stubborn body fat that something like 60% of the world population are tired of carrying around? Would that be an opportunity too good to be true or too good to pass up?

For well over 200 years homeopathy has been considered an alternative medicine. Many had learned what plants could be used to work towards bringing sick people back to health.  As it turns out those who became experts in the field learned that it was the energy from the sun that could be harnessed and placed into tiny pills.

As far back as 2008 a research doctor, who had grown up traveling the world with his university professor parents learning from cultures about healing plants, began putting together research from plants AND research from Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein and has developed the first and only structured water that does not contain any plant matter just the vibrational energy from the sun that makes it known as a healing plant.

The result of his trial and error is the product Bio-Res. Plants from around the world, known for containing specific properties that bring the metabolism into balance, this research doctor has been able to offer to those who have struggled to shed the fat that just wouldn’t burn off from this kind or that kind of diet. And what no diet plans address is that if you don’t sleep appropriately, you will not be as successful trimming down or building muscle.

With 7 sprays, first thing in the morning then again after the noon meal, of the spray that works on balancing the sympathetic side of the nervous system, then 7 sprays of the product that balances the autonomic side just before retiring for the day, and again if you wake in the night, the brain receives the signal to sleep deeply and signals the fat burning process to work 24/7. And by eating a high protein and good fat diet fat melts even quicker and muscle begins to be built.

Imagine if you could have the energy from the plant, whether it be the cannabis or any other plant that you could simply spray under your tongue and not have to be concerned or side effects. Imagine not taking pills anyore.

Imagine what could be done with energy from other plants for turning off symptoms of countless challenges. The research team is working now on the next Bio-Res product that will address a huge problem people all over the world deal with daily. Imagine the kind of wealth you could build from that. Imagine the kind of wealth if you had a team building teams of teams. Ready or not here it comes. Do you want to get on board now or after this has reached momentum? Imagine how many orphans lives you can impact by being a part of the Hope Movements buy 1 give 1 initiative.

Interested? Want to see testimonials first? Mondays, 7:30 pm Central time and Thursdays, 7:30 Central time, for business testimonials at Watch a couple then connect with me.

 Thanks, Doug Dye Social Entrepreneur, Edmond OK

This article was published on 06.07.2022 by Doug Dye
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