Just Like the U.S. Marines – I’m Looking For A Few Good Men/Women

Hi, my name is Rick Backstrom, alias Dr MLM, PhD… I am a retired, successful businessman who spent his entire career in the Insurance Industry and his entire life in MLM ventures. The most memorable goals I have achieved throughout my career has been that of helping others become leaders. Teaching marketing, sales, management, and even life in general has always been the motivational factor in my life. Money, which I never seemed to desire, always found its way to my bank account when I needed it, but the true riches of my life have been the inspiration I could pass on to the men and women who worked with me. 

I retired in 2012 and my wife of 45 years and myself took to traveling the USA. We have covered all of the lower 48 by vehicle managing to see the sites that make this country one of a kind. Sites that people who live within 50 miles or so have never taken the opportunity to enjoy or even see. Hawaii, yes, we been there along with many wonderful areas around the world including England, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, and a few other places.

But then one day in July I got to thinking about the happiest days of my life and guess what – it was and always will be the joy of watching others who achieved their goals. So, on July 25th I decided to get back into the networking business – not for the money – but for the opportunity it always gave me of meeting like-minded people.

All during my time in networking I met so many self-confessed gurus who promise you the world and then once they get you signed up, you just become another number to them. I have seen countless people come into this business only to be robbed of their pride and their money.

There are countless websites on the net promising you this and that and all you need to do is give them a monthly commitment of X amount of dollars.   Many of them are great and offer such good tools and advice. But guess what -- many people can't afford them -- and that is not what this ad is about.

As I said, I am looking for a few good men and women who have come to the realization that the true riches are in helping others. I have created a new Facebook group with the sole purpose of helping newbies in the network world to achieve their goals. I need people who are facebook savvy, twitter savvy, instagram savvy, google savvy, and all the other free tools out there – I need them to come and join this group and to share their knowledge with the rest of the world – share it for nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing they helped somebody who just doesn’t have the funds to afford all those tools being offered on the net.

Now, as a reward for your efforts you will be able to post ads for you own legitimate company, webpage, or whatever to all the other members. Once I start promoting the group the membership base will grow rapid. But before I do this, I need help – so, come join me in this great new group at 


Do it now and earn your rewards later!

Thank you,

Dr. MLM, PhD (alias Rick Backstrom)

This article was published on 25.08.2016 by Richard Backstrom
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