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Why OneCoin Guys?

Suggestion to market OneCoin in 3 steps


Maksud Rassel

Skypee : rainbow_rain86

Phone: +8801711139792

LINK: (Registration link)

Part 1:

What could you say to someone who you would like to inform about OneCoin?

Tell them that you have invested a bit of money in a very interesting prospect and refer them

to this 11 minute video

Whomever you are talking to will most likely start asking questions, want to know more and

will ask you to tell them about it. I suggest that you tell them very briefly, why you chose to

invest, but recommend that they watch the video. This is by far a better source of

information, and then you can ring them back when they have watched and find out what

they are thinking. Either most people will think it is interesting and will want to know how

they can sign up, or they will want more information at which point you send them Part 2 below.

Tell them that you will be sending them about 2 hours’ worth of information videos that will

give them a good idea about what an opportunity this is for your friend/business contact. Ask

for a good time to ring back for a follow up.

Depending on the response you receive, it could also be better to set up a call together with your sponsor now rather than after part 2.

Part 2:

OneCoin a rapidly growing community in the process of creating the next

globally accepted currency!

You are investing in a financial education that gives you a possibility via free tokens

(included in the educational packages) to mine (acquire) an inflation protected innovative

crypto currency, One Coin, current estimates indicate a value of €50-100 per OneCoin in

2017/2018. That is an increase in value of 80-160 times if you invest now. If you decide to

wait another 6 months, I reckon the potential increase in value will have at least halved, so

your gain would then be about 40-80 times you invested capital.

In seven months (December 2014 to June 2015) the number of paid members in OneCoin

have increased with more than 400.000, and it is reckoned that by the end of this year there

will be more than 1 million people who own OneCoins.

NB:- The indicated increase in value depends on the commitment and effort the company’s

members show. The current growth is above the initial estimation, but this could change so

the growth is lower than current estimates.

Internal trading of OneCoin began on the 15th June, and they were traded at €1.05 per

OneCoin. When all 2.1 billion available OneCoins are mined, OneCoin will be traded on a

number of exchanges around the world. At this moment, OneCoin have members from 185

different countries.

The trust and faith in OneCoin is rock solid.

OneCoin is the only crypto currency in the world that have an auditor (IT audit company)

that guarantee the authenticity (ref. Video 2)*

OneCoin approved in the US.

OneCoin have communicated with SEC, Nasdaq and a number of lawyers. Pre-launch

started 1st June; the official launch took place on Independence Day 4th July.

As most of us, you probably missed the increase of value in BitCoin. There were however a

significant number of people who became millionaires by investing a few dollars; BitCoin

went from USD$ 0.1 to USD$ 1,200 in only 4 years and is today worth about 2,500 times its

initial value.


Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution

You now have an equivalent, if not better, possibility to participate in something similar via

OneCoin, which has the potential of becoming one of the largest crypto currency in the world.


Please see this video link because you can see that , what you want....

1) Interview with Dr Ruja on Finnish TV1 (1min).

2)*The only crypto currency in the world with an official approval that the Blockchain is


3) Interview with Dr. Ruja Ignatova (Very good interview and a must watch).

The idea for founding OneCoin and the advantages of a crypto currency available for

everyone were only part of the subjects discussed.

4) Understanding OneCoin and crypto currency Webinar Dr Ruja Ignatova 07.04.2015

I will get in touch as agreed......

Best Regards,

Maksud Rassel

skype : rainbow_rain86


LINK: (Registration link)

How to register your prospect as a new member in OneCoin:

With the agreement of your prospect you can register him/her by clicking on an empty slot in

your network when you are logged in to


LINK: (Registration link)

Or if you would like the person to do the registration themselves, you can send your sign-up

link. You find your link in the back-office under ”Profile”

Part 3:

Information you send your prospect upon a positive reply:

Hello ”name”,

Here is my sign-up link you can use, and information about how to pay.

LINK: (Registration link)

After registration:

Stop at the request for payment and wait for your ”Welcome” email from OneCoin in order to

verify you email address. When you have decided on your level of investment, use the

payment information below to avoid charges. Once registered and logged in, you will

amongst other things find documents under ”Downloads” that includes the Dr Ruja’s CV and

also the legality aspect of OneCoin

Paying to OneCoin via bank transfer, gift code or credit card

Payment in Euros.

please feel free to contact me for the bank information you need to make a payment


Proof of payment must be emailed and it would be good if you

also sent a copy to the person who told you about OneCoin, just to make sure there are no

mistakes .............



Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any...

Maksud Rassel

This article was published on 02.06.2016 by Maksud Rassel
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