What has Cocoa, Tobacco, Chocolate and $20 Have in Common?

The Annelyse Project is Launching very soon (either Today or Tomorrow at the latest), and people are crowding in to get TOP SPOTS. It's INVITATION ONLY so please connect with me ASAP so I can get you hooked up as soon as the doors fling open. Click HERE to get access! Fill in the short form and I will email you as soon as the Company goes live with a link to Register and Join ($20 One-time ONLY). You will be then led to the information page with a video giving you a brief overview of the Business. Watch the entire video to see the AWESOMENESS of this opportunity!

Here is the latest Update by our Awesome Leaders. Please review so you can see the Advantage of joining NOW once this kicks off.

GINA KINDER·MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016 Frank Buck and Ron Heyer were both on the call...

  1. Frank has been working on and fixing the database. He had do a lot of the changes manually because it was messed up by people using fake names or no name at all as their Sponsor. This Database has now been turned over to their programmers who work in Australia. They are working non-stop on this and it should be finished and loaded by Tuesday EST Time.

2. Payment Processors: They are speaking with several, going back and forth trying to find the best that works with the system. The programmers were not happy with a few of the ones chosen earlier because they were not completely compatible with our unique software module which has been specially created for this programme. There are so many different countries to cover and not all things work everywhere. If people need to withdraw quickly then they can request payment by Cheques for now until the best decisions on other options are made. Looking to find a Pre-Paid Debit Card or similar which is International.

3. Gift Certificates and passes to pay for other accounts. If you wish to PIF someone then you will have this option to do so. You will be able to go to your back office and purchase a pass or as many as you need. They will sign up and use the pass info to pay.

4. Skype Room: This is for Registered Members only.

5.Promoting:- Your Uplines have the Flyer which Ron made that can be used for sharing. (You will find this in the Files Section of our Members Group) DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. When you have an interested party asking for a simplified explanation send them this Flyer either by PM or email. DO NOT POST on Timeline, Groups or any form of Social Media.

6. Matrix Function: Commission Team is what it is now called. Each person needs to personally Sponsor two members in. Your upline and downline can then fill your board. This is a Follow me Matrix which means it helps to fill all the boards. One matrix only- One big matrix. Spill over always goes down, not across. It will fill in the blanks. No man is left behind. This is Not a get rich scheme. It is a Modified humanitarian system. Helping third world countries, but also the Project members. It is made to work together. Does not benefit just one person. Benefits the Whole team. The module for this had to be customized. A true “Follow Me” module had to be made as one did not exist before. It is now finished and ready to go!

7. When you sign in and if you have already paid it will show you as Active. If it says inactive, contact Frank. (Request his email address from your Sponsor)

8. A merchant account will be set up soon. The Wyoming Corporation has been set up in addition to the one in the Dominican Republic. Once the payment side has been set up you will be able to pay in through the site. An E Wallet type system will be used.

 9. The benefits of each level were discussed by Frank. These are in the File posted in the group.

10. Membership Fee: . All those that paid and joined during pre-registration do not have to pay the member fee of $10 (One-time ONLY ) . · . Those who Pre-Registered and are waiting to pay when the site opens DO NOT have to pay the member fee. · Those that join in the first two weeks after the site opens DO NOT PAY the member fee. · . After two weeks, those who join DO have to pay the $10 fee and the $20 Distributor fee for Level One. · The $10 member fee is ONCE only. Not yearly!

 11. The Goal: is to make this so compliant, so transparent and so legal it is not touched or questioned at all. Additionally, the humanitarian aspect is the most major part of this Project.

12. Agro Finca is the name of the corporation in the Dominican Republic that runs the farms. We are Trying to buy as many farms as possible. Every member will benefit from this.

13. Future Purchases: We are also looking to purchase a Chocolate Factory and have our eye on one just 20 kms from the Farms. This will mean more Products for us to purchase (at reduced prices of course) for our own use or sell for profit.

14. The Farms are run by families and sometimes 4 generations live under one roof. The elderly who are unable to work the farms earn extra cash from “whittling” and selling their creations. Frank has plans to introduce these works of art into our Products section to sell either via the Amazon distribution platform or similar.......(more on that later) .

Concerning our Teambuild:  We will be Sponsoring people for you if you join our Team using a Team Rotator to speed things up. Remember: You need ONLY 2 People Sponsored in order to qualify for Commissions. Here is a brief overview of how that will run: 

 Connect with me if you have any questions. Watch the video NOW and join our Team

This article was published on 29.07.2016 by Allen Vaega
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