What is research for your MLM?

Research is Universal, in whatever country you are doing research, it is done in the same manner.

Research is done according to two methods – Qualitative and Quantitative. A mixture of the two is called Triangulation. Action research is also an option where you repeat applications and improve on it continuously. Then you can also make use of scientific methods, called experimental or quasi-experimental methods. It all depends on what you are studying, who you are using to assist you to reach a conclusion (your population or sample), as well as the outcomes you require. In all methods, your own opinion does not count, that is why it is called RESEARCH – making use of firstly, the opinions of previous authors and then making use of primary research where you obtain the opinions of the respondents to your interviews or questionnaires. Your opinion only appears in the conclusion to your study as well as in its recommendations.

The Qualitative method requires one to state the Objectives or aims of the research, then to do a thorough literature review, then to obtain information by making use of interviews and then to obtain a conclusion between these two through narrative reporting. The population cannot be large due to the time taken up by interviewing.

The Quantitative method requires one to state Hypotheses related to the Objectives of the study. Firstly a literature review is done, then information is obtained through the use of questionnaires and lastly, the conclusion appears in statistical format, making use of regressions, etc. By making use of this method you make use of a larger population or sample, usually more than 150 who then are giving information on your questions.


A research essay, such as the one required for the budget speech competition requires that students research the topic. What needs to be done is called a literature study, because there is no population to be studied. This type of research only requires students to obtain information from sources previously researched, making use of the Harvard method of referencing – AND THEN – it is called an essay, meaning, after you have obtained the opinions of others, your own opinion is needed (that is the essay part).

Now, since the question posed is not a single question and requires multiple reasonings, no hypothesis can be posed, because for a hypothesis, statistical analysis is necessary.

Ordinarily, an essay consists of an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

It being a research essay, makes it a bit more complicated. Firstly it needs Headings and Subheadings which are all numbered, 1., 2., 2.1, 2.2, etc.

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