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Being a mom can be both fun, rewarding and daunting at the same time. Most moms have to juggle between work and taking care of the family, as a mom of a currently 10 month old, I have my hands full and I feel the heat that comes with motherhood. Most times I need my me time but that is not always possible as even in your ke time, I still think and worry about what my little one is up to. As a working mom, my salary is not always enough to fulfill all my needs and sometimes wants, I want certain things for my son but because of the limitations of my salary, it’s not always loss to score extra goodies. 

Recently, I stumbled across a post on Facebook that advertised Acorn kids products and how one can be a dealer, I took a leap of faith and explored further. I was later convinced that, if I let the opportunity slip, I would be a fool. 

Acorn kids products provide is a company that sells kids colorful bath products that allows kids to explore and learn new skills, they also have awesome crafts and books that help develop kids motor and sonsory skills while they are still young, this I turn helps them thrive at school later when they start crèche. Awesome right!!, now imagine beIng a dealer, getting awesome discounts when purchasing products, providing the best life experience for your children through these products, and most importantly earning while doing so. Talk about killing one bird with one stone. 

How to be an Acorn kids dealer:

1. You choose a package from as little as R120, maximum package is R450. In this package, all you need to start your business is provided, this includes a number of products to get you started, some samples to attract your customers,  delivery is free. 

2. You get a free website that you will use to make orders for your customers. The beauty of it was is that, you do not have to buy and hold stock, you simply order through your website when u have a customer. No monthly commitment required. 

Life is awesome at Acorn kids. 

Check out my website here: 

You can choose to be a customer or a dealer, free delivery to all provinces is offered. 

Cannot wait to have you join me. 

This article was published on 12.08.2019 by Siba Hossain
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