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How many times have you spent money on advertising or prospecting only to find out that the only people who respond are those who want YOU to enroll in THEIR business opportunity?

It’s perfectly natural.  You’re so excited about your products and your opportunity, you forget other people are excited about theirs.

What would you say if I told you there is a way for you to grow your MLM and STILL MAKE MONEY WHEN PEOPLE SAY NO TO YOUR OPPORTUNITY?

I partner with a company that specializes in providing business entrepreneurs with cutting edge marketing technology:  How to get leads and manage prospects.  They have EXCELLENT tutorials and tools that teach you how to market on social media, build a blog, conduct webinars, build funnels, do customized advertising campaigns, and much, much more.

You know as well as I do that most people join their MLM because they are excited about their product, and their opportunity.  Many are starting out part-time and looking to transition to a new career.

But the knowledge curve can be HUGE!

Most people blow through their family and friends then crash head-on into a brick wall.  They’re not experts in marketing on social media.  They don’t know how to build a blog.  They’ve never run an advertising campaign and have no idea what a click through rate is, or have any idea how to write good, persuasive advertising copy.

That’s where my business partner comes in.  Their training program and materials are outstanding.  You don’t have to have a background in marketing or technology.  Everything you need is provided, and you are guided through an easy to understand, step by step process.


The giveaways they receive contain links to your business opportunities.  They’ll get to see what you have to offer.  If they say yes to your opportunity, great!  If not, they may still buy the company’s services or customized tools they need to grow their business- AND YOU MAKE A COMMISSION!!

It really is the best situation imaginable.  You get to help people.  Some will join your opportunity, some who don’t will purchase services and products that earn you money.

Learn more by clicking the link below and getting your free training video on techniques you can use to get more leads.  It’s a great video, and it’s FREE!


Be well,

Mike Hodges

This article was published on 07.08.2015 by Mike Hodges
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