Fast Growing New Cash Club - Only $25 To Join - Pays Commissions On 3 Levels

This Fresh New Concept Eliminates The Auto-ship Nightmare and

Delivers a Simple Plan to Generate Thousands in Monthly Income! 


I know you are busy, here to promote one company or another and not really interested in looking at anything else. Please pay close attention to this innovative new program because it is something you can do along with whatever else you are doing. It is built on years and years of experience and provides real value to its members.   

Rarely do any of us get a chance to be one of the first few hundred or so people in a new company that has a multi-million dollar potential. Right now, you have that chance. This will be a VERY HOT fast-moving program and is worth your time to take a serious look if you would like to earn an extra $5,000 to $10,000 within the next few months.

This program is geared for all kinds of people when it comes to promoting it. You have a choice of using highly professional and highly effective full color postcards or utilizing a letter/flyer format, or using email to invite people to visit the website, OR all three! The choice is yours.

* Wholesale Buying Club with true wholesale prices!

* One-time cost to join - Lifetime membership!

* We have a real exciting product that sells like hot cakes, but listen to this:

* There is no product purchase required EVER to earn full commissions!

* Quick Pay! Payments are mailed for Stage 2 sign ups the next business day!

   Stage 1 sign ups are paid weekly.

* Simple, uni-level plan paying $25, $50 or $75 on 3 levels (Stage 1 members make $25 per level, Stage 2 members make $50 per level plus potential overrides)

* Stage 2 members who sponsor 2 new stage 2 members in a month get paid on ALL sales in the entire company! Powerful profit sharing pool rewards active members and can boost our income to thousands.

* Daily & Weekly Pay - Commission checks are mailed out the next business day for Stage 2 sign ups and weekly for Stage 1 sign ups

* Professionally run program with everything you expect to help you succeed. We take the phone calls and close the sales for you. (559) 825-6755

We all know that there are many programs on the market, but none of them offer such an impressive list of benefits along with a professional website and a turn-key system. This is built for FAST GROWTH and long-term success. I highly recommend you jump on this and go “full throttle” to start a flow of commissions that you can grow to thousands. Being “first in” is a huge advantage so take action now to secure your position.

The website explains it all. I would like to be your sponsor and have the experience to help you earn some Big Paychecks! Enter ID# E1331 when you sign up.

Don Evans

PS: One way to fully understand Time Freedom Rings is to go to YouTube and search for "TimeFreedomRings" - Or you can simply click on this link.

There are several videos there. You will see the first one (5 minutes), "Time Freedom Rings" will come on right away. Watch that, then look to the right on the YouTube screen and you will see several more. Look for:

  Founders Message  
 Whats in the kit 

This talks about Stage 2.

That is a cost of $199.95 and that is where you want to be. However, we also have a $25 option for those who cannot afford to spend that much right now. That is Stage 1.

You can always upgrade later.


If you have any questions, you can call the Admin (Scott Beals) 

His number is 559-825-6755.

  Don Evans

This article was published on 14.08.2016 by Don Evans
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