It is good to know that the long awaited products of Double Plus Daily Use Products are gradually introduced into the market as individual product gets its NAFDAC and SON numbers for official business operations. At the time of writing this article, Double Plus has over 300 products which have proven quality, highly affordable and immense health benefits to users. You can see the earlier published work on double plus here-> 5 REASONS WHY YOU MUST JOIN DOUBLE PLUS DIRECT SALES BUSINESS

This series that begins with this publication will continue until we highlight the entire products of this great company in Nigeria. Top on the list are the products currently used for registration: The quantum energized ceramic wares, the quantum bracelets and the quantum Polaroid eyeglasses. Also included in this premier list are the female pads and the male boxers which are selling like hot cakes at the point of this write-up.

Products currently used for registration

1.    The quantum energized ceramic wares:

These comprise sets of two cups, two small bowls and two flat plates. Testimony already abound using this uncommon product. Primarily, the ceramic quantum ware reduces acidic content of food as foods are served on them before consumption. This set of products is also good for asthmatic patients when used to dish food to them over a time period. Also water held for some minutes in these ceramics wares is highly beneficial to fish wellness and growth in fish husbandry. Even when these ceramics are broken, they are still useful since you can pour the broken pieces to the fish pond to get the same resultant effect. This set of products attracts 139 points with a cost of N50400 only.

2.    The quantum energized bracelets:

Presently this is another optional product for registration. At the point of registration, one gets two pieces of these bracelets at the rate of N45720 which also attracts 127 points. Notable used to enhanced strength and stamina during work period, it also has the ability to lower blood pressure for HBP patients. It is not worn when one is asleep. The quantum energized bracelet has a long span duration of over 20 years.

3.    Quantum polarized eyes glasses:

The quantum Polaroid eyeglass brings hidden view to focus and is a perfect match for a sunny day. It is also a good driving companion during the night. One piece simply goes for N43200 and attracts 120 points for registration.

 Double plus top notch recommended products

1.    Female sanitary pad:

On thorough examination, it has been demonstrated that this product stands out amidst its equivalents in the market. Aside the superior quality it has, Double Plus sanitary pad is relatively inexpensive compared to its pairs. The health benefits abound considering the raw material and the hi-tech used to manufacture it. A pack goes for N290 as distributor’s price while the retail price remains N600 per pack.

2.    Quantum energized boxer:

This is one product every adult male should have for obvious reason. This boxer in question has the tendency to increase libido in male as well as acting as a preventive measures for prostate cancer. This sells for $10 for distributor’s price and $20 for retail.

Subsequent series will highlight other interesting products of double plus daily used products. For further inquiries, please contact or through whatsapp on  +2348152687465.

This article was published on 25.08.2019 by Gabriel Nsofor
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