WorldVentures: A different breed of mlm

I have been exposed to MLM since August 2014. Upon seeing the industry for the first time I was in awe straight away when I saw the earning potential versus the buy in fee. I had no idea that there were business opportunities for just a few hundred dollars. It was always my dream to own a business, so to see mlm as a viable option got me really excited as I didn't have the money or skills to Start up a traditional business. Though WorldVentures is the only company I have ever joined, I was exposed to lots of different companies before joining WV. WV stood out massively to me. Their DreamTrips membership not only helps people save up for a 5 star holiday at rates between 40-80% off the retail value, but they also have a compensation plan that PAYS you to travel. Members/reps can earn either $600 or $1200 a year just for travel, simply by making 4 sales of the DreamTrips membership and also have their overge ads waimed forever. Members who make 6 sales are in profit on their initial investment. Members who make 15 platinum membership sales are entitles to take Dream Trips for no cost. Imagine, if travel had no cost, where would you go? In my time involved I've taken 10 trips in the last 18 months. There's so much difference between a DreamTrip and a regular vacation. Being treated as a VIP is definitely a step up from self catering! This year the company produced over 11,000 trips and next year that is set to rise to over 25,000. In terms of global sales the company will turnover $1.2BN and will move into the top 20 direct sales in the world, and is the only company in the top 100 in travel. It shan't be too long before WV replaces Amway and Avon at the top of the pile, and is changing the travel industry in a very dramatic way. It was a simple decision to join WV. Everybody likes to make money and then when they make that money they want to travel. Travel is something that everyone either wants to do or they want to do it again. WV answers both needs and cuts out the middle man of selling potions and lotions. Travel is all we want to do, and it has now been made easier and simpler than ever before by WV. You should be here!
This article was published on 23.10.2016 by Tom Martin
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