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Network marketing the real meaning

This Article is about truth, meaning, sharing and overall communication. DISCLAIMER.. This is not to upset anybody, it is past experience I have seen through the years and has not changed since in my experience.

In my past experiences as a Network marketer, getting paid to click,earning cash,cash bonuses,cash incentives and many other types of cash offers have left me disappointed with the results after spending countless hours clicking on surveys only to find you did not qualify and wasted time, numerous clicking for a mere 1/4 of a cent and other incentives that did not qualify. Ever been in that situation also?

What about you wanting to show your offer to somebody and they turn around and try to sell you their offer? You make your spiel but they tell you they have got an offer that is better than yours, yet you tell them you approached them first about yours. So they turn around after hearing your offer and the reply comes back " I cannot afford it or do not have time to look at it" Can you also relate to this?

The truth of the matter is you are going to read this, say it is a good article maybe because it comes from the heart of a Network Marketer who has been there. Yet you will read this and continue to do the same things over and over. That is called repetitive Marketing as we are all steadfast in our actions and motivation to push our programs and stuck in the same mode when we first started.

You will reply with your so called BEST OFFER to me and if I am not interested you will ignore me and do the same thing over and over without realising it because you have been brainwashed into this mentality.

Network Marketing means a group effort to help each other in your offer, whether it be advertising, promotion or word of mouth. Actually, it would help to assist each other with each other's promotions and not be selfish and think of your own only. This Number 1, builds trust in each other, you view each other opinions on a level of association than a mere number or statistic and you will gain respect and trust. How can you trust someone when someone presents and offer that tells you that there is unlimited income and you will get rich! then you join, there is really no support from your sponsor and if you do not upgrade you are left alone pondering what to do next as you take all your money out of bank promoting and advertising to try and stand on your own two feet to support the monthly fee that you joined under. (Again Past Experience by testimony). Now your mentality and defence mechanism kicks in "THAT'S NOT ME", and honestly if it is not I applaud your hard work and dedication to your own successful campaign or business as it is not you I am speaking too. 99% of Marketers do fail in the first year it is a well-known statistic. 5% really do become successful because they admit their failures and continue to go headstrong into the goal they wish to achieve. The failed ones become sole advertisers believing their offer is the GOLD MINE, but in reality, it becomes a hole in their pocket but they will not admit it and keep pushing the same offers hoping for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As an advertiser and promoter of many types of products and offers, I have had success and failure with many. Some I have pushed till my account depleted with advertising resulting in a handful of sales that did not even warrant running them in the first place. Others I have pushed only to find the advertiser does not pay and suspend you because they say you advertised it out of the requirements of their stipulation. YES, I have lost a lot of money in Internet Marketing and you will too, it is a given fact there are scammers of all types out there and sooner or later you will get burned too. Make good choices on the Internet, be wise, smart and do research on any offer first. Again do you trust someone with past shady experiences or someone who has had these past experiences and learns from them? Ok, I do hope you take the time to read this, become an associate that is what I am looking for, people who have been burned and left to hang out to dry, I've been there too and would like to help the ones who are struggling not the ones who are successful. One thing if you are successful then share your thoughts and successes to others, in turn, your recognition will become noted and trusted.

Thank you for your time to read this, please comment.

This article was published on 05.09.2021 by Stephen Donohoe
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