Your attitude and your results

It’s funny that everyone knows that you can control your mood but not everyone really takes note of this consequence which our mood can create for us!

You might have a very good reason to be upset with someone or something, but you need to consider the knock on effect which it will cause if you allow yourself to deal with the situation in this mood. Let’s put it like this, you have the ability to deal with only the one problem or you are setting yourself up to deal with a few more after this initial problem.

The mood that we are having sends out energy or vibration and this communicate to the next problem or benefit which is coming your direction, created by your own mood. This is a basic principle which is no secret but so many people don't pay attention to this powerful tool!

There is also proof in everyday situations around you. Have a look at anyone who is having a bad day, their day just doesn't stop one problem after the next problem! The person enjoying life with an activity that stay clear from negativity will be more successful as the lifestyle attracts more opportunities!

So why if it is so easy to understand that our attitude in life should be positive, do we still find people neglecting this powerful law in their own life? It comes down to your own will in life! What do you want for yourself and what are you prepared to do to have what you want?

If you are willing to pay attention to your attitude in life, you will be able to control your mood to most situations and your life will receive more opportunities and less difficulties! There is so many ways to develop your personal growth which also plays a big part in your attitude. The more you develop yourself you understand more and become more knowledgeable how to deal with situations.

You also need to join the correct group of people who can assist and build you up in your journey to become the person you want to be, and have the lifestyle you deserve! Have a look at how people conduct themself and deal with their own situations, if they are not lifting you up they are pulling you down!  

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This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Louisa van Rooyen
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