Kachnet Free to Join

An opportunity for ANYONE to receive a significant regular income,

working “online” from home,

regardless of experience, education, finances or current situation. 

Most people spend their lives “swapping time for money” But what if there was a system that once set in motion, provided you with a not insignificant amount of money, on a regular basis, with minimal financial or time input from you.

Our radical new program is designed to get EVERYONE that joins earning as quickly as possible. It practically “forces” it!

Even a small amount of residual money coming in each month, can be life-changing, in terms of freeing up some time, relieving financial pressure and providing some security

 KaCh Enterprises will maintain a number of different websites, adding new ones in the future, on a regular basis.  Every website will offer a mix of products, services and features, any of which can either be FREE, require a one-off payment (purchase) or require repeat payments for a given time period (subscription).  All the websites will share a common accounting and membership system. So, anybody registering through ANY of the sites, automatically gains access to all the other KaCh Enterprise sites, using the same username and password.  All members, receive personalised “copies” of all of the company websites, which as well as allowing them to use whatever features or service the site is offering, also allows them to introduce new members to KaCh Enterprises, in a number of different ways

 Although the business plan is based on “networking”, our unique Network Building Algorithm (NBA) is designed to help those that may have struggled in this type of business before, and are not born “recruiters”.  All members, no matter which site they register through, are entered into one overall company membership netnetworkwork. If they have registered through one of your personalised sites, they are placed in your leg of the  and permanently linked to you for commissions.  In addition, members may also be placed in your network by the company, or by the person that introduced you (and their introducer etc). This is called “spillover”. The algorithm enforces this to a level at which everyone should make a reasonable income (details inside this site).  Therefore it is not necessary to “recruit”, so don’t worry if you are not good at it! 


This article was published on 01.06.2016 by Sue Costello
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Wow! This program is really amazing. Just started the program and already made my $2.50 back

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