Why Do 96% Struggle To Make Money Online?

Online Marketing is a multi-billion dollar Industry that produces 6 and 7-figure earners by the bucket loads. At least that's the impressions one get's when you read all the advertising that appears on news-feeds. Those entering the filed come with high hopes and aspirations but after a while are left stranded, poorer for there efforts and a shattered belief and disillusioned with the whole system. In fact statistics confirm that 96% of those aspiring to be successful online entrepreneurs end up in failure. Only 4% really make it to the top. In other words, 4% would end up with 96% of the billions in circulation while the 96% would be left with only 4% of that revenue.

The challenge then for a newbie is to discover what it is that enables those fourpercenters achieve their goals and how to avoid the pitfalls that cause the huge majority to fail. The hard core truth is that you can't do much to reduce the huge rate of failure but at least you could avoid being one of them. But how? 

The key principle to understand in this industry is that people fail but systems will not. The fourpercenters that succeed have always done so only because they identified and implemented systems that worked. Then again, the downside of that is that these successful gurus would share everything but the real secrets that led to their success. More frustration and disillusionment to the average Joe.  Cashing in on this frustration, some coaches offer to reveal all their secrets, hold you by the hand  and lead you on the path to victory. But then, the cost would put it way beyond the reach of the majority that are already struggling to make ends meet and build a business both at the same time.

There is however a way around this. And I believe I hit the jackpot. I now have access to a proven system that cannot fail even if people do. Besides, it can be tailored to suit any budget. A system that allows even the free member to generate income while learning the skills and acquiring knowledge to scale up their own business. This is the only way forward for anyone wanting to succeed online. At least, it is for me. Feel free to get in touch and we can talk to see if this is something that is right for you and how you can get started right away.

Asuntha Morgan

This article was published on 21.07.2016 by Asuntha Morgan
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