I'm going to give it the whole 9 yards!

Dear Associates,

There are many people that don't know what that means. When you say the words,

I'll give it the whole 9 yards!

You see in World War II the fighter planes had 9 yards of bullets in their guns.

So the phrase was developed when a fighter plane pilot would declare,

"I gave him the whole 9 yards!" Meeting he shot all of his bullets during  the aerial fight .

Some people think, that all you have to do is join a business, sit back, and watch the money come pouring in!

When actually working online is one of the hardest jobs that you can have!

If you want to have be successful, you have to treat it as a job. And who's the boss?

You are the boss, and you have to learn to boss yourself around.

You have to find something that drives you. Something you're passionate about.

For me the first thing I do when I get up, is check my PayPal account!

Many many times someone has signed up while I was sleeping, and I find their payment, in my PayPal account.

Many times I have not even talked to the person, but I'm excited to help them achieve the same success that I have.

I received an email today from the owner and founder of our company.

He was congratulating me on becoming a confirmed Executive at Ad Rotator.

And was encouraging me to lead by example. Executives should be at every single meeting.

Always ready to share with the group the things that have made them successful.

To lead by example is very important. To encourage those that are just starting out.

Is very important also. To set a good example is the responsibility of the Executives.

For me, it is a dream come true. So many years I struggled, trying to make money online.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, without much success in all.

So finding success with Ad Rotator is truly an awesome experience for me.

To experience some success after all I've been through, is the most amazing feeling!

And to be able to share that success with others, is a very good feeling. Also!

That's why we call it a movement, because it is a step away from all that caused us to fail!

In a giant leap forward towards success, for all those that want to work for it.

And will apply the teachings to their business. The teachings are phenomenal!

So what I found at Ad Rotator, is that there were specific things I needed to know to have success with an online business.

And you can't just find these things on the Internet. Because these things are the secret things.

They don't want you to know!

 Sure they tell you part of it, enough to get you hooked, enough to get your money. But they don't tell you the actual secret that makes it all work!

Why don't they tell you? Because they don't want the competition!

That's why only 3% of people that work in online businesses make 95% of the money!

But the founder of Ad Rotator set up a system so that the average guy, the average Joe, could make enough money online, to really make a difference in their lives!

The inventor and founder of Ad Rotator was sick and tired of seeing people fail!

And he came up with the philosophy that you should make money before the company!

It's a one time $67 to join, and that $67 goes to your sponsor! The company does not get a dime of it!

 Then you give your first sell to your sponsor as your one up!

Then you are qualified to be the sponsor, and sponsor people into the program!

You get 100% of the money!

You get paid instantly!

The money comes to you directly and not to the company!

You are the CEO of your own company!

It is not until the second level called the Executive Council, that the company begins to make money!

At the Executive Council level you begin to create residual income!

And you can't just buy your way into the Executive Council level!

You have to be successful, you have to have brought someone in, before your  application will be considered.

This extraordinary system along with the incredible training that is given, is by far the best thing on the Internet today!

Because you are given the secrets, you're given the tools, and you're given the facility to be successful at a level you've only dreamed of!

That's why we call it a movement! It's a movement of people helping people, and these teachings can be applied in any online business! So your whole portfolio benefits from your membership in Ad Rotator!

And to think I fell into all this success and knowledge, over a one time $67 that the company itself never saw dime of! Is the most unbelievable thing in this day and age!

To think that someone would care enough to put together a system like this. And offer the best teaching anyone could ever find on the Internet for FREE, has to be one of the biggest blessings I've ever received in my life!

Again I ask you to please visit my website! Watch the 20 minute video! Call me if you have questions!

I am always here to help you! Here is the link that will change your life! If your ready to work hard!


Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James

This article was published on 01.01.2016 by James Seal
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