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Hi My name is Todd,

I have been in the network marketing industry now for over 15 years, I have kicked some goals with a few different companies, but a lot don't seem to go the distance or they change the playing field to suit themselves, and not their distributors, there is an old saying in network marketing ( The only way you can fail is to Quit) well that is not quite right, unless you find the right network marketing company to build you business with.

 Alot of people do not do the research before they take the plunge and join what they think is a legitimate network marketing company that fails after they have built a team, what this may do is ruin your reputation with the people you have introduced to this company,as you have told them in good faith how good the company is to get them on board.

This is what I don't understand! if you were buying a bricks and mortar business like a Pub, you would certainly make sure the pub was profitable by going over the books for the last 2 years at least, and there was plenty of happy customers coming through the doors.

You need to remember what ever company you are going to join do your research! because it is your reputation on the line,as your downline,family and friends will only follow you so far, and you might end up in the N.F.L club (No Friends Left ).

My personal preference, I make sure the company has physical products that the customers want and need and will fall in love with, that keeps them buying every month, because isn't that the whole idea of joining a network marketing company, so you can build a residual income that keeps coming in every month!

There is a lot of fantastic network marketing companies out there, so my advice is to take your time do your due diligence, make sure you are comfortable promoting the products or service the company you decide to go with has to offer, because if you're not, you are going to struggle to make a sale.

Find a product you love yourself and you won't have any trouble at all as people will see or hear how passionate you are.  

I have found the company that gives me all I need, I hope you find Yours.

Good Luck


This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Todd Atkins
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