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MoneyLine "NEW" REWARDS Program Promotion on Sunday November 6th at Midnight Central Time. It will end the following Sunday November 13th 11:59pm Central Time. MoneyLine will be giving away a Variety of Prizes during the Week to different People all over the World! Check for all details and how YOU can become eligible for the Prize Drawings by looking for a REWARDS icon at the Top of your MoneyLine Dashboard in Your Back Office starting Sunday night at Midnight.  

The Benefits and Differences between the various MoneyLine Subscription classes offered. Several people send in support tickets asking about what to expect for number of contacts and leads they can attain at the different Subscription classes. The first answer is to click on Step 2 Product/FAQ Information button on your Dashboard and go through and read what is offered at each subscription class, and Watch the Videos. Second, understand the higher the Subscription class you are, the Higher you will be on the Message Board, thus you will attain much more exposure! Everyone knows, the Higher you are on the Internet, the more exposure you are going to get, thus the more leads and contacts you will get. Third, You obviously will get a noticeable difference in leads from Bronze to Silver, because at the Silver subscription class is where you start getting display ads that people have to click thru, thus putting you right in front of people' s eyeballs!

Then of course there is the Platinum subscription class, where you are obviously at the Top, but You can then message Your ENTIRE MoneyLine EVERY 30 days! That is HUGE! to be able to hit tens of thousands, and soon to be hundreds of thousands of people over and over again EVERY SINGLE MONTH for only 20 bucks a month! Why do we say 20 dollars a month, because if you breakdown the $250 / 12 = $20.83 a month is all. Try finding that anywhere else on the Internet to be able to build your list and reach this many fresh buyer leads every month for $20.83 a month!!

Lastly, I would like to point out something that is very overlooked by most, and this is, who are you most apt to follow, buy from, or look at what they are offering ... someone who has a subscription color around their picture or someone who has no subscription color box around their picture? In other words, who are you going to pay most attention to that is pitching you something, a Platinum Subscriber or someone who is in for free? No Brainer huh ...  

This article was published on 04.11.2016 by Martha Busher
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