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What is Forever Living Products?

In simple terms, Forever Is a network marketing business. What is Network Marketing, network marketing is an opportunity to do business with a network of people. Often network marketing companies will have a service or products that' it's offers to the public, but they choose to empower other people instead of setting up retails shops and commercial adverts, they allow people to deliver their products and services to people and pay them in doing that...

Forever, have health and beauty products that's it's manufacturers and distribute to people. And gives us an opportunity to do so and pay us for doing so....

Just to give you a bit of history about the company, it was established in 1978, we now operate in 164 countries.

What we do? We are the largest producers and distributors of Aloe Vera based products as well as Nutritional Bee products.

We have a very wide range of products from Supplements, weight loss management, personal care products etc

However, Forever is not necessarily about selling, it's a lifestyle on its own and it's a network marketing business (which is a fastest growing industry in the whole world). So what one need to do to make it a successful business is to build a network of people to do the business with, you start with your closed friends, family, co-workers etc, that's how your network grow and you make money and qualify for countless incentives that comes with the business. It's a best business ever!!

Here is a breakdown the earning benefits from Forever

1. Profit through selling your products (that's if you like selling)
2. Novus customer Profit ( this is a once off amount paid to you all the time you introduce a new person into the business)
3. Bonuses on the 15th of every month based on you and yours teams retail effort which is also different per levels.
4. Leadership bonus incentive ( you get paid extra for raising managers in your team).
5. Car incentive (from level 1 of R5200 to level 3 of R10400). This is an extra paid to you for the next 36 months.
6. 2 fully paid Overseas trips. One in April (Global Rally) and another in September (Eagle Managers Retreat).
7. Profit share (Every year the company share profits with all the qualifying Forever Business Owners).

Its free to join the business...

You join by filling a form...  

After joining you have to buy your stock for R3050.00(1/2) or R6100.00 (full stock) and sell for

We sell very good 100% Natural and Organic Health Products. We have a very wide range, from Aloe Drinks, Dietary Supplements, Bee Products, Skin Care, Personal Care, and Perfumes. 

This article was published on 16.10.2016 by Tshepo Makupu
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