Why Persons Fail Online?

The main reason persons fail online is because they don't spend the time to understand their business. Your niche determines your customers and your customers dictates your profits and scalability. Then I can tell you that most of the persons failing online is due to their mentality. Therefore, the two chief reasons for online business failure; a matter of fact, the reason for any business failure is:

  1. Your mentality
  2. Misinformation

It is really hard to say that persons suffer from lack of information in this information when operating an online business. So its misinformation that affects their success. Yes, persons are more likely to be overwhelmed with information on whatever niche or marketing programme they are using.. What happens in most cases is that scammers give persons wrong information or straight lies to rob their money. These persons as victims become skeptics doubting and holding back their potential even in a legit company. Misinformation also comes from the nay sayers to internet income streams and network marketing (entrepreneurship sometimes), who give advice on something they have never tried or done.

How one deals with misinformation depends on his/ her mindset. How someone operates as an entrepreneur depends on if they have the entrpreneur mindset. The type of business for success is the millionaire mindset or the slight edge mindset. BUt the mindset for failure the Get Rich Quick Mentality. Its what I call the GRQM, the recipe for failure.  With this mentality persons say to them selves "If I don't earn 'x' amount of money in 'y' amount of time this thing didn't work. With the GRQM syndrome dedication stay far from the consciousness. GRQM persons are highly attracted to the one size fits all system. They are attracted to the 'everything done for you at the push of a button'. They want that 'magic pill' that solves all their problems.  Some of it is not the persons' faults, but the companies who spend their money to get the best marketing for these unrealistic 'magics pill' and 'one push of a button' systems. To make money online (and offline) you must develop systems that will bring you closer to goals. These system must let your work load decrease gradually. Until the system is automatic. However it is automatic through hard work.

The chief systems failures lack are systems of:

  • Profitability
  • Improvement
  • Sharing

Making money online is all about profitability. Profitability helps prevent failure. The type profit earned tells how and when your business cane be scaled. profitability depends on the type of product/ service being sold. One of the greatest lies I believed was that it was easier to sell cheap or low ticket items than high ticket items.  In fact, the same amount markrting to market high ticket products is used to market low ticket items. I had to learn otherwise , and I noticed an important lesson that if my profits are too small scaling up will be difficicult and I won't be able to get the Income to improve my self so that I can improve others

Improvement means ever learning. Then ever learning is followed by continuous action. And we have cycle- LEARN then DO. So entrepreneurs, instinctively learn so they can improve them selves, the systems around them and important family members. To close the loop on the educational experienceis and become successful you must share the knowledge to persons willing to hear. Sharing the information of focus also helps cement the information in your head.

To know about having these systems persons must  have gotten help from their sponsor or upline. Sponsors are sometimes good leaders. But a leader who doen't care about his team individually and collectively can cause each and every member to fail in theirbusiness. 

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This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Khalil Howell
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