Yes, I am giving you a splash page creator that you can use to promote

your businesses....and when you become my STUDENT...I will teach you

everything from creating banners, posting images to your

business announcements, and taking you to the NEXT LEVEL of

network/online marketing.  Yes, I will do all of the above and more

because my lifetime goal is to change peoples lives.

Who am I?

Who is CHIEF Cruz?

Why can he say that he can lead me to SUCCESS

What qualifies him to make such claims?

Can he really lead me to SUCCESS?

Can he proves himself as an expert network marketer?

What abilities does he have that I can benefit from?

The Chief is a person who learned it the HARD WAY

a person who has


Has gone through many failures and now an EXPERT

and know the proven roads to SUCCESS.

As you can see in my profile picture...I am a

retired US NAVY CHIEF....A certified US NAVY Instructor.

A visualization Training Instructor in Civilian life.

A person whose lifetime goal is to help people change

their lives.

If this is your first time reading my articles/announcements,

I highly recommend that you be an active student by

looking at the announcements at this board and look for

 announcements published by Rafael Cruz....bookmark

everyone of my announcements .....because every one of them

 has a message that helps you become what you want to be.

My goal in everyone of my article is aimed at

As I said above......I want to make a BETTER YOU......I am

now well on my way to

and I just want to show you the roads that will bring

to your dreams and goals!

The proven roads that is taking me to my destiny

are all written in my past BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS/ARTICLES

and if you are SERIOUS about getting on the right track,

you should check them all.

I highly recommend that you go to my profile and

look at all of my articles/business announcements.  Check each

and everyone of them and you will see something that

fit your needs.

You read that right....I will give you a 100% free splash page and I will teach you

to create them for your businesses.....what is the catch?  What you will learn as

my STUDENT is to SHORTEN your journey to FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM.

As I said above...my goal is to change peoples lives......and

to makea

Education is NOT FREE...it involves time and effort.

Having a mentor/instructor makes it easier to reach your goal.

As I said above....I am a person who learned it the hard way.

I learned it all through many failures and disappointments and

because of all those experiences.....I am now wiser...

To become my student.....if you have the SMARTS enough to

see the value of what I will be teaching you is to become a

pre-enrollee to a program that I am promoting....it won't cost

you a red penny to be a pre-enrollee in the program.

Once you become a pre-enrollee in the program...you can go to

your webpage and look for a clickable button that says: 

You will see my email address and shoot me an email titled exactly like this

OK, let's start your lesson for today

Before I start, I want you to understand why you need a

splash page to promote your business.

A splash page is very quick loading, catches more

 attention and you can say what you want

instead of just the way the company banners or

 website are giving you.

As the title of this lesson said: LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL IMAGES......

the reason I want to call your attention to adding beautiful images

to your splash pages is you grab and attract the attention of

your prospects.  Here are some images.....and I will show you

when you become one of my ACTIVE STUDENTS....where and how

to put images in your splash pages...and even post them in FACEBOOK with

your post and add your website URL......where am I?


You can put that as a header of your splash page and the prospect will appreciate it..

and not just go to another page right away.....then they will check what you want to tell them.

As my student.....I will show you the way to improve your MLM GATEWAY BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS.

With announcements including graphics and beautiful quoted images like the

above....you will be BRANDING yourself and people will look for your postings....instead of

going to postings without images, not formatted properly, ......very hard to

read.....and just don't have any visual attraction at all.

Now do you see where I'm coming from?

Do you want to be my student?

Will you pre-enroll in the program I am promoting?

Do you want to see a splash page I created an hour ago

about my program?

Do you want to be my STUDENT?

YES Chief, I want to be your STUDENT




This article was published on 31.05.2016 by Rafael Cruz
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