Three Types Of Website Traffic (Part 3)

First, I would like to thank you for staying with me this entire series.

Let's start with a quick review...

There are three criteria that define the type of traffic visiting your site:

  1. Know... Visitors recognize that they have a problem that needs a solution.
  2. Value... Visitors value what you have to offer... a solution to their problem.
  3. Trust... Visitors trust you, and believe in the solution you offer.

"Hot" or "Targeted" traffic meets all three criteria. These visitors know they have a problem that needs a solution... they value what you have to offer as a solution to their problem... and they trust you, and believe in your product or service.

"Warm" traffic meets criteria #1 and #2, but you have not yet built a trust relationship with them.

"Cold" traffic sounds, well... cold. They don't meet any of the three criteria... no awareness that they have a problem, therefore, they don't see a need for your products and services... and even if they did, there has been no trust built... to them, you are probably just another online "scammer".

So, how do you reach out to both the "warm" and "cold" traffic and turn them into customers?

The first action you need to take runs contrary to what most people do.

It is NOT to promote your business or product. You can present the best promotion in the world, but if there is no trust, there is no sale.

Your primary task is to establish and build trust with your prospects.


Here are my strategies for "trust" building...

1. Build A Blog

Blogging is a great way to let your readers get to know you and to share your expertise in your niche. But, keep this thought in mind as you post... "Don't sell, teach."

Strive to post content that offers value to your readers... focus on evergreen content, articles that are always relevant and always up to date.

2. Set Up a Newsletter

Use an autoresponder to set up a newsletter to keep contact with your prospects. And don't slam your subscribers with offer after offer!

Instead, provide valuable information first, content that educates your prospect. Give them the information they need to make an informed buying decision... then present your offer.

3. Get To Know Them

Spend time getting to know your prospect. Find out what their needs are. Offer to help in any way you can. Giving your customers your time and service without cost or strings builds trust, and most prospects feel an obligation to pay you back in some way... perhaps, with a purchase?

4. Get Testimonials

When visitors read the positive comments and testimonials of others who have had the same issues they are experiencing, trust is built. People pay more attention to what others have to say about you, your business, or your products, than they do to your ad copy or sales page.

But, make sure these testimonials are REAL... fake testimonials WILL be discovered and will KILL your business and tarnish your online reputation.

5. Give Something Away

Let's say you are selling a 100 page eBook on Internet Marketing... `a great strategy would be to offer a free, condensed version of the eBook, a report of, say, 15 pages. This gives the customer an example of what to expect from the paid version of the product. This builds trust, for sure.

But, be sure to offer your best stuff! If you deliver low quality, low value in your giveaway, they will not buy.

6. Offer a Guarantee

Give your customer a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.

Yes, I know some people will take advantage of you, buy your product, and then, after they have consumed it, turn around and ask for their money back.  But, in the long run, you will make far more sales that will cove the losses.

To Your Success,

Greg Ray

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This article was published on 17.10.2016 by Greg Ray
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