How I Used List building to Create My Dream Life

Your Business is NOT in your product offer. The Focus of Your Business is in Building Your List

A popular quote in the Home Business On line Market place (Niche) is "Money they say is in the List."

This assertion to some extent is true, however, there is more to it than we are been made to believe. 

List building is essential to any business, in fact it is in my opinion the bed rock of my business . 

You see, without a growing list of leads interested or opt in into your business through your landing 

or capture page on a continuous basis then you have no viable business. 

You must have a plan to ensure you have an ongoing campaign and system in place that is getting 

eye balls to see your product/ s and getting those targeted interested leads captured on to your list  data base through your auto responder . 

The potential for your business growth and eventual success lies in your list, not only by acquiring  just any leads but of leads that are targeted to your specific niche, which over time of building relationship 
by providing value and that is subsequent on establishing mutual trust. 

It is then that one can begin to reap a bountiful harvest of happy ready buyers that translate to a consistent income  form product offers to that list.. 
So, it is not just building a list, but building a list of demographically targeted warm leads that you have built a relationship with. 
This will be your source of constant consistent source of income- ready buyers that will lead to ultimate success. 
But this takes time, a well thought out plan and careful execution of the plan. 
Now that we have established that, what are the needed tools and system for generating leads through to your List. 
These are the tools you need to Build a List-: 

  • A web site 
  • Anto responder 
  • Capture page, Landing Page or Squeeze Page 
  • Follow up e mailing series or Broadcast mails 
  • You may need a List building Software 

After you have sorted out the above , you need traffic source to your LP/SP/CP to have the targeted leads to your  Auto-responder list managing system. 

TRAFFIC ie Eyeballs to see your LP/CP/SP 

Sources of Traffic which can be Free (there is really no free traffic in its true sense as you trade time for money here)

or Paid Traffic eg from:- 

  • Solo Ads, 
  • Social Media, 
  • Classified Ads. 
  • Media Buys, 
  • Traffic Exchanges, Safe List, Safe Swaps etc 
  • Article/Enzine Marketing 
  • PPCs
  • and Content Marketing etc etc. 
  • MLM Marketing Platforms 

For more Information on Traffic sources Go Here for Instant Access

The key to my success is ensuring that I get the right leads laser targeted and relevant to my niche or offer . 

I aspire to go for more of warm leads and less of cold leads as part of my marketing campaign strategies and do all this form 3 main sources- MLM Leads Generation Platforms namely:- 

To Watch the video on - Lead Generation Marketing platform-for your interest;

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This article was published on 19.08.2016 by Oladimeji Afolabi
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