Financial empowerment to you and the less priviledged. Team Bill H2i

Our's is helping hands Intl. My team, splendid. I thought i would never do MLM again but my team has shown me real team work. We ve got partners all over the world working together, earning and smiling. Name it SA, UK, US, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, New Guinea, uganda, zambia, you name it.

We changing the world little by little through simple leveraging.

I myself was preggy at the time of joining but still broke grounds because i could work from my room. What better way to fight back the economy and unemployment in most countries..

Even at a very low registeration fee of $40, i joined at a time when that $40 was very difficult for me. I however have been very very thankful for making that decision and finding my team of simple but highly groomed mlm experts using simple tools to build team and pockets.

My bank accounts has continued to grow in figures. I and friends have been trained on skills which have inturn yielded money through sales. 

H2i initiates and encourages SMEs

What more joy to empower the less priviledged in your direct recommendations through finance and skill acquisition trainings while also enriching yourself financially and also with the pleasant incentives. 

H2i also serves as a cool plan B for those in paid employment. Why not use your present network of people to your advantage and earn cool income. The simplicity of mlm cannot be overemphasized, we unknowingly sell brands thereby mlm when we chat about products or services we have used. Be smarter andc start charting about H2i. You start earning automatically when u start chatting and referring people.

Even stars, I mean Nollywood stars have joined us. You would wonder what they still want. They say this; Its a business of life time earning and you are well paid even when you are no longer active.

Our sponsors of prestige: Hp, apple, Hyundai, Gac Motors, Glo, Commercial banks likes Zenith and Diamond banks and a host of others make us more proud.

Distance is not a barrier for my team. You will become a leader soon with our trainings in your locality and networks.

H2i has come to stay and for the better and best. Are you looking for track record, we have got it. I aways encourage people to go do their personal research. Go to facebook, google, ytube, instagram and you will discover that you have been cheating yourself.

Its h2i! No products marketing; No renewals; JUST REFERRALS AND COMMITMENT # $40

More Info: +2348029812346


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This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Marjorie Echu
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