Allow me to introduce to you the MLM Company with which I am working and my reasons for choosing it! FGXPRESS is a division of Forever Green International, a company formed in 2004. It is a debt free company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol FVRG. The leadership team has a combined Network Marketing experience of over 200 years and is headed by Ron Williams, former President of MLM International Association with over 25 years Network Marketing experience. The company brings FOUR cutting edge Selling Firsts in the Network Marketing industry, never done before that are driving it to the billion dollar mark: 1) The First in the industry is the FGXPRESS Market Place: If the world is your oyster then you should not be tied to only one small corner of it. FGXPRESS is the FIRST truly global business opportunity. Operating simultaneously in over 212 countries around the Globe after launch just last May 2015. This has never been done before in the Network Marketing industry. With FGXPRESS, you can do business virtually anywhere in the world. The statistics for the potential market and which keeps growing are as follows:  1.5 billion people around the World suffer pain daily.  53% of respondents in a study in the USA reported having had pain at least once in the past two weeks.  1 in 3 people experience lasting (chronic) pain.  The USA alone spends over US$ 600 billion per annum on pain relief and another US$ 300 billion in pain related health care services.  The Beauty industry is a 260 billion dollar a year industry. If given the opportunity would you grab a grain of sand or the whole beach? Would you scoop tea spoonful of water or take the whole ocean? Got no international business experience, don’t worry. We have a proven system that we will teach you shortly. 2) The Second First in the industry is the FGXPRESS Envelope Business Model: FGXPRESS employs the revolutionary futuristic high speed, low drag envelop business model. Business in an envelope the size of a greeting card shipping to any part of the planet for $4.95 apiece. Another first in the industry of Network Marketing. No bulky bottles of heavy liquid or packages. No lugging around. Convenient to carry around with you and utilize any time anywhere. Securely packaged to preserve the content. 3) The Third First in the industry are the FGXPRESS Products: Nutritional weight loss has been thought to be a lengthy and painful process, until now. Ketopia is our new patented weight loss product that when taken puts you in a state of ketosis. Simply put, ketosis is the burning of fat for energy. When you are in ketosis you burn fat for energy not carbs. The body goes through ketosis when there is not enough carbs to refill glycogen in the liver. When you drink the patented, all natural KetonX drink it flushes the liver and you soon go into ketosis (most people in less than an hour). And there are many other medical benefits of Ketosis. Lose that excess weight naturally! It’s FUN and it’s EASY. You just drink an orange creamsicle tasting drink in the morning, eat a delicious cookie at launch, have a VERY tasty chocolate shake for a midafternoon snack, and eat a sensible meal of your choice at night. That’s it. The best part is …. You feel AMAZING and NEVER hungry. The Power Strips is patented and listed by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This is another first in the Network Marketing industry. A pack of 15 patches goes for only $70 any part of the World. Relieves all kinds of pain in any locality by topical application of the patch. Other nutritional and topical benefits to the body as well. The unrivalled growth is testimony to the efficacy of the products. Solar Strips are the most perfect whole food on the planet. They are the nutritional checkmate in marine phytoplankton with all amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements that the body needs. FGXPRESS has a farm dedicated to harvesting and preparing the product and we have exclusive supply. It provides all the vital nutrients that the human body needs and is actually being researched by NASA for its immense potential benefits to human kind. It comes in strips easily absorbed on the tongue assuring 90% nutrient uptake by the body. It improves immunity, mental clarity, memory, cardiovascular health, increases energy levels, improves mood, improves libido in both men and women, reduces stress and tension, regulates blood sugar and reduces sweet cravings, has been known to help in weight reduction and is recommended for all ages. The Beauty Strip System is an amazing skin care system from naturally sourced sea kelp mask. It protects skin from free radicals and UV rays, removes impurities from the skin, improves transparency, nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of pores, reduces wrinkles, brightens and refines the feel and look of the skin. Made from Kelp from the sea weed that is known for its anti-aging properties. 4) The Fourth First in the industry is the FGXPRESS Compensation Plan: FGXPRESS pays out a whole 87% on first purchase and 62% on standard orders. When you join and refer people you get 25% of the volume they purchase in the first month as referral commission. Say your first referrals bought products of 1000 QV you get $250 from each. If they are ten that is $2,500. What about fifty people the first month…that is $12,500!!! There is no limit to the number you can refer. Imagine sitting there and sending out the info pack to some friends, relatives and acquaintances and liking what they see, they purchase online using their credit or debit card. The product is sent to the address they indicate as mailing address. You just made money, an instant 25% of the volume they buy gets to your account immediately!!! And another 25% of whatever they buy in that first month. Unbelievable! Imagine the number of people you can reach…It just happens so easily…and it PAYS! There is more…The company uses the dual team concept. The commission you earned was just the referral commission. The secret of success in Network Marketing is duplication that creates leverage. What we do is clone our activities and multiply the proceeds. Each of the people you referred is doing the same and getting people purchasing products. In this example everyone is referring just 20 people who purchase products of 1000 QV, an investment of about $1,500 only and look what the proceeds are! These people are linked to you and placed in your growing network in two teams, one on the left and the other on the right. Their purchases accumulate in what is referred to as team volume on your left and right leg of the network. Every single week on Tuesday, you are paid 12% of the volume of the smaller leg (Pay Leg). As you sleep, work or play, the people in your network are making referrals and purchases are being made. You do not know them or where they are but every single purchase is getting YOU PAID, every WEEK!!! You have leveraged your income by building a team of people you may not know, marketing products you do not produce or deliver, using an online system you do not maintain or pay for. And the huge money is in the depth. Imagine 80,000,000 QV on your Pay Leg, 12% of that would be $9,600,000 and at that point you will have earned an accumulated $10,104,060 in this Team Bonus commission alone. This is the potential available! I must state here that this is not an income plan and there are no guarantees here. Success depends on the individual effort and activities but we have a SYSTEM that WORKS and a support team that is RELIABLE. I will get you through the system and plug you in with the support team shortly and if you follow through then the sky is only the beginning! Can it get any better? Yes it does… FGXPRESS pays a Matching Bonus off the team commissions of your referrals four levels deep! FGXPRESS pays you a Matching Bonus of up to 50% of what your level 1 referrals earn, up to 25% of what level 2 earn, up to 15% of what level 3 earn and up to 10% of what level 4 earn every WEEK on TUESDAY, giving up to 100% in cheque matching! Here is how this works. You referred just 20 people. These are your level 1 referrals. These 20 people also referred 20 people each whom you do not know. These are your level 2 referrals. . These 20 people also referred 20 people each whom you again do not know. These are your level 3 referrals. These 20 people also referred 20 people each whom you do not know. These are your level 4 referrals. For ease of illustration, let’s just assume that each of these people earned just $1,000 in the week. This is what your earnings from Matching Bonus would look like: First level of 20 referrals each earning $1000 a week gets you 50% of 20,000 thus $ 10,000 Second level of 400 referrals each earning $1000 a week gets you 25% of 400,000 thus $ 100,000 Third level of 8,000 referrals each earning $1000 a week gets you 15% of 8,000,000 thus $ 1,200,000 Fourth level of 160,000 referrals each earning $1000 a week gets you 10% of 160,000,000 thus $ 16,000,000 All this would fetch you a hefty total from Matching Bonus of $ 17,310,000 in the week! The fortune is in the depths. Even though the percentage at level 4 is only 10%, the numbers (leverage) give you the passive income that brings FINANCIAL FREEDOM! This is where miracles happen. This is WHY I do this!!! This is why I LOVE Network Marketing This is why I LOVE FGXPRESS. IN FGXPRESS you do business for YOURSELF but not by YOURSELF. We have experienced and proven leaders who continue to help people in their downline to earn millions. We have the best training and mentoring support all over the planet 24/7/365. Professionally designed online info packs in various languages to suit virtually any market. We provide social media marketing training and adapt the sites for business. Training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat marketing. We hold Virtual Grand Openings, international webinars, provide online training packages and there is weekly training everywhere we are operating. Anyone can build anywhere on the freaking planet. Best is usually for a time period and for now and in the foreseeable future we have the BEST in FGXPRESS. The catch words are CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND ADVANCEMENT. You may find more information here http://www.fgxinfopack.com and http://89714734.fgxpress.com join me and we set in motion the support system.

This article was published on 10.10.2015 by Simone Watti
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