How To Generate Leads With Writing Business Announcements On MLMGateway


With so many new business announcements are coming out on MLMGateway, you may be wondering how you will "stick out" and get noticed with your business announcement?

How will you get people reading your content on MLMGateway?

How will you be able to generate a new lead from the content you created?

If you have never generated a lead, or at least getting one new lead from every business announcement you write, then you may find this extremely beneficial for your business.

How To Generate Leads Using The MLMGateway Business Announcements

First thing to understand, is why did you even stop to read this?

If you can answer that, then you know the hardest part of the task.

You first need something that people on MLMGateway WANT to read. Something they find beneficial to their own personal business.

Many people do not get leads from their content because they write on what they want others to do, while a few people do get leads because they write about what others want and need to know. So if you write for the reader, and give them something to benefit from, you get readers. If you simple write about what you want them to do, they will most likely never even read your business announcements.

The next part of getting leads, is turning the reader into the lead.

You do this very similar to how you get them to read.

Most people on MLMGateway already have an opportunity and are not looking to just jump into something else because an unknown person said it was the best for them.

So give them something to benefit their business, and they will give you their name, email, possibly phone number, and even purchase what you sell.

Add The P.S 

One of the most lead generating parts of all my content (and others) is the P.S line at the bottom.

Here is where you put your link, and lead them to something they can use to benefit from.

It can be a training video, system for leads, webinars or even ebooks. As long as there is a benefit, and the giveaway or offer is relevant to the content you wrote, you get leads almost every time. The longer you do this, you do get leads every time.

An example would be writing a business announcement on Facebook ads.

You give a good piece of knowledge or secret to having success with Facebook ads. Your reader loves this new tip or idea they have.

Then, on the P.S line at the bottom of the content, you have a link to a free Facebook ads training video.

Odds are, since they read your content, they are interested in learning more about Facebook ads. See how it works yet?

You can also add links in the text of the content on recommendations that are similar to the topic you write about.

Did This Help?

If this gave you ideas, or helped you understand more on generating leads with MLMGateway business announcements, please leave a comment below.

Also be sure to share this with your team, or on your favorite social media platform.

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This article was published on 10.10.2016 by Jaye Carden
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