Unique Opportunity

I am very excited about the opportunity that I have to share with the world....

One month ago, I was tired. Tired of working hard and being surrounded by negative people. My sister had been pushing me to get involved with Thrive. She had messaged me, texted me, even mailed me a sample. I am always supportive of my younger siblings and their ventures, so I said I would try it - I mean what did I have to lose.

She suggested I even become a promoter (I have a stellar long-term career in professional B2B sales). I agreed to try it but did not want to become a promoter. "I am way too busy", was my response. 

So I tried the sample...didn't feel like I noticed a difference and chalked it up to the pile of stuff I had already tried and called it a day. The first day after I ended my sample was when I really noticed that I had been feeling better, because I was feeling lousy without Thrive, so I ordered.

When my coworkers noticed the DFT patches and the fact that I have given up coffee and soda, the transition to promoter was easy. This organization offers an amazing rewards plan for their promoters. Including the opportunity to earn $1660 in their first 14 days as a promoter. $1660!

I'm excited, so excited, that I get to share this with people and help them feel better and change their lives. Who would not love that feeling. 

LeVel Brands is now number 2, second only to Uber, in home based opportunities. It is a company poised to reach $500,000,000 in sales after only 4 years and the products and opportunities coming for the 4th quarter of 2016 are the most exciting yet. More information can be found at K_iovine.le-vel.com. 

Becoming a promoter is free and product can be earned in day one. Customers can earn free product as well, simply by making referrals.  How easy is that?

Additionally, no other nutritional supplements are as effective as those in Thrive and the Thrive Plus line. Average supplements are absorbed at a rate of 15% or less. Thrive is absorbed at rates of OVER 90%!! The full product line covers weight management, cognitive performance, healthy joint function, calming general discomfort, lean muscle support, digestive and immune support, rest, mental acuity and energy!

Again, k_iovine.le-vel.com contains full information regarding all of the products and information on the opportunity. See you there!

This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Kristina Iovine
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