Real Money Gold and How To Get It Absolutely Free

Currently there are many home business affiliates listed on the MLM Gateway site.

The numbers continue to grow.

This is encouraging in that so many people are tired of the daily grind of conventional work.

I personally have settled for an opportunity that offers real money.


Here's my thinking.

Money is a global product that EVERYONE needs and uses.

So I have a huge market of potential prospects.

The other point here is that regardless of how much money I make in any other MLM program,I

will need to protect it or hedge it against inflation.

This can be done investing in oil silver real estates or simply by buying real money gold.

With the way that the dollar is falling i.e. losing value, you really need a way to protect your wealth.

Saving in a bank,401k,pension plan,or IRA will not work.

Here's why.

You can't out run that ity bity interest that they pay out.

Ends up over the long haul being about 4% return.

Number two, confiscation can and I believe will happen circa 2008.

Only this time------ WORST!

Last time it was the housing bubble. This time it will be the fallen dollar itself.

This is in accord with many economist forecast.

Economist like Mike Maloney {google em} or Robert Kiyosaki.

They will implore you to buy gold and silver now!

All big banks and many billionaires are swooping up gold like there is no tomorrow.

Google that statement.

You might be thinking you can't afford gold. That it is reserved for only the rich.

How is it possible to buy an ounce of gold that is close to $1200---$1500 per once?

What if I told you that you could get gold in grams for around $50.00 a gram?

That this is much more affordable for the average person.

And it is more user friendly if you need to spend it.

I've even got better news for you than this. You can get gold absolutely FREE!

Follow me here please.

In most of your MLM businesses, if you want to be at the top pay plan and a leader,

you have to auto ship goods and services roughly around $200.00 per month right?

So say you have a certain product that you are consuming month after month.

When the month ends you must now re order {automatically} the same product.

What if you can't consume it all do you store it,sell it or give it away? I have done some of all of that.

So if you sell it you now have cash in hand as a profit,hopefully.

But cash that has falling value. If you store it or consume it yourself,you will benefit,but you still have to re order

next month.

With Karatbars International your auto ship{if you so chose to auto pay---not required here}

will force you to store up gold.

So month after month you are auto shipping gold-----an asset


See the difference?

No one get's hurt here.

If Karatbars International went out of business,and many MLM companies go out of business, you would have gained a garage full of gold!

And because you are using your commissions to garner the gold-----It's FREE!

You can get free product in other MLM business models too via your commissions,but every month the product is consumed,

and you start a new. No asset is produced this way.

You might be wondering "How am I going to use gold"?

How can it be of use to me?

Think of it like your pension, 401k, or IRA.

Do you spend that?

So here you save your gold unless absolutely necessary to spend.

It becomes a hedge against any government confiscation of your money.

It preserves your money or goes up in value and becomes generational wealth that you will will to your kids and their kids.

You are now the originator of "old Money"----Real money gold.

Number two with regard to what to do with gold, Should a situation present itself that would allow you to cease

and profit from a falling economy,you will be ready.

Germany's dollar flat line two times. If you had 4 grams of gold back then,you could have bought a house.

When the dollar dies----that is they won't take it any more,Gold will rule.

It always has. It's GOD'S money.

There is no other program on the planet that will allow you to harvest gold free and make a 6---7 figured income while doing so.

Think of this, if you had 1000 grams of gold,you would be a millionaire.

As the economy crumble,gold will increase.

For all the details Click

If it makes sense, leave me a message here after the 3 minute speech. 469-249-8722


Wendell Wilkins

Oh! P.S. If this makes so much sense and we don"t need to talk, just sign up now.

Note, highly successful people see opportunity and make QUICK decisions ------ no hesitation.

{see the sharks on "Shark Tank"} They get the facts and if it makes sense they move on it because they could miss out on profit by procrastinating.

Sign up now here  Go to registation top right.

This article was published on 04.03.2016 by Wendell Wilkins
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Norilyn Goodall GReat presentation. Thank you dear, I do have aurum gold with my Onecoin business and Goldsets from Global Intergold.   6 years ago
James Myles Good presentation. Wishing great success.  6 years ago
Tola Adeola Great presentation. Well done and good luck  6 years ago
Hope Umudjoro Hi, how do I register? Send me your link  6 years ago
Athena Gay Wendell, this is an excellent PR on the pros and cons of investing in Karatbars. It is no doubt a very smart investment opportunity indeed. Good luck!  6 years ago

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