How To Build A Lucrative 20 Year Residual Income Solving the Dirty Energy Crisi

Today is THE day to join Powur. There will never come another moment in history like this one. You find yourself at the dawn of a brand new era for how the world will produce energy, partnered with global icon Elon Musk’s SolarCity, and pioneering the category inside the $180 billion direct sales industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this does not happen often. When else will you get the chance to pioneer a brand new category, disrupt the biggest industry on planet earth, and build a 6-figure or 7-figure residual income in the process? 

Imagine how your life could change by being at the FOUNDING level of this company, and being the first to introduce $0 down solar to the United States and ultimately the world. 

Imagine how your life might change by overriding 20 years of residual income on the clean energy bills of thousands of the customers that join your team, all because you made the decision to build your Powur business.

What would a 20 year residual income do for your family, your future, and your biggest goals in life? That is the question you need to be asking yourself right now… because every day you wait to join our company you let this opportunity pass you by.

And rest assured, someone else will be the first to introduce this to your network. Time is of the essence as you have the distinct first mover advantage while Powur is still in pre-launch. Make the decision TODAY to partner up with Powur, and lets get your business growing across the country. 

 We are at the absolute beginning of a tremendous trend that will shift and decentralize the way people will use energy. What is decentralize? Well look at what Uber did to the taxi industry, cellphones - 20% of the world now uses a landline most of them are businesses, youtube decentralized the news industry - now a 20 year old can get more views on news he/she posted than cnn can ever get, these are just a few of the things we use today that has been decentralized.

You see folks my friend Jonathan Budd has found it. We are at the forefront of this tremendous shift of wealth. This is a sector in the energy industry that will be disrupted and it depends on you if you want to be part of the wealth that any individual will be able to earn for decades to come. Watch the video you just may learn something you may have never seen in your entire life till now!

This article was published on 06.08.2016 by Elyy Erdano
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