Vollara Offers NASA-Based Air Purifiation Technology...

ActivePure Eliminates 99.5% of SARS-CV-2

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I'm proud to announce that our marketing group is now representing Vollara products
with this exclusive  "ActivePure" technology. 

There is now a portable home and workplace device that eliminates 99+% of both RNA and DNA viruses, harmful bacteria,  black mold, and other pathogens from both the air and the surfaces in enclosed spaces, and then continuously keeps them disinfected.


ActivePure was developed by NASA to protect astronauts in the International Space Station. 
They had to get it right because you can't just open the window up there if something goes wrong.

They did.  

ActivePure technology is now disrupting the entire air purification industry.  
It provides the only REAL-TIME layer of protection for shared air indoors.  

ActivePure technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2017.
Only 75 products have ever received that honor in the 60 year history of the space program.

It is very well documented, and it's been used in commercial applications world-wide
for over a decade.  It is completely safe for humans and pets.

This amazing technology is now available in a smaller unit (about 1 cu ft)  for homes, offices, schoolrooms, restaurants, schoolrooms, assisted living facilities, gyms... any indoor space that has humans in it.

"7 Space Technologies That Changed the World"

In this 2017 article,  the Huffington Post ranked ActivePure #1 among space technologies that have changed the world down here on earth.

ActivePure technology is the only OFFENSIVE weapon we have against the virus.  Once we get it into widespread use throughout North America, it can CRUSH this pandemic, PREVENT the next ones,  RESTORE OUR FREEDOM, and help us get back to normal life again.    

Our mission is to get the ActivePure Story out to every family, business, school, and church throughout North America within the next 24-36 months.   It will take hundreds of thousands of customers, referral partners, distributors, and sales leaders to do that.    We hope you'll consider joining  us in this important mission in one of those capacities.

Please click the appropriate link above if you'd like to learn more about our products or about the opportunity to help us expand distribution throughout North America.  

This article was published on 16.09.2021 by Doug Jones
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